Do you have any weird habits...? Share them!

  1. I do this too. I cannot take the first thing on the rack, whether it is clothes or food or anything. If it is the last one, I don't buy it. I dig to the bottom of the pile/row for milk/dairy stuff in particular. I drive my mother nuts with that sort of thing when she goes to the store with me.
  2. I'm very germophobic.... I use hand sanitizer on shopping cart handles before I'd use them...if I have to shake hands w/ someone I hand sanitize as fast as I can after without being rude.... I carry bleach wipes in a small ziploc baggie in the car so if DD or I have to use a public restroom (happens VERY rarely) I can wipe down the seat and door. There's a lot more of these types of germ avoidance things I do. spite of all this...I'll still kiss a dog, horse, or cat on the head any chance I get :rolleyes:

    Yes, I'm insane.
  3. I rub my toes on stuff as a comfort thing. Kinda like how little kids will have a blankie and rub it while they suck their thumb?? I used to think I only did this while I was in bed but I just noticed myself doing it to DH this evening. I was on the couch and he was sitting on the ground right near my feet. Sure enough I started rubbing my feet on his leg! Guess it is spreading. :lol:
  4. I pick the crap out of my skin on my hand during class.

    Yes, my classes are that tragic, that I need to tear of my skin to be entertained. I do listen do. I can multitask :p
  5. When I'm sleeping (I'm a side sleeper) I have to be facing the edge of the bed. Doesn't matter what side of the bed I'm sleeping on, I just have to be facing an edge.
  6. I don't like to eat the "ends" of many hot dogs, wieners, bananas...
  7. Im sure I have mild OCD! DH always makes fun of me...

    Before I leave the house I ALWAYS have to check to make sure the straightener is off, even though I know that its off I have to go check, sometimes I end up checking 2 or 3 times. I also have to make sure the front door is locked, even if I lock it. It drives DH nuts, because if he locks the door I ALWAYS ask him if he locked it, he says yes, but I still have to check, he prefers if I just lock the door!
  8. when i'm leaving my house, after i back out of my garage i have to sit there and make sure it closes, otherwise i'm paranoid all day. a few times i have driven back home to check or i'll call a friend that goes to the college nearby to drive by and check for me.

    before bed i will check to make sure my back door is deadbolt locked about 2-3 times and make sure my garage door is shut. if i forget to do it and i go to bed, it drives me nuts and i have to get up and check. sometimes i know i forget but i don't remember the outcome so i have to get up and check.

    when leaving for a trip i actually have to tell myself "you locked the back door, you turned this off... you turned that off...."

    the funny thing is is that on a couple of occasions i have accidentally left my keys in the lock (towards the outside) overnight, and next morning not being able to find them. you would think it would make me feel a little bit better that someone is obviously not lurking outside my house.

    i have a certain shower routine, shampoo, body wash, wash face, rinse out shampoo and done. if i go out of that order then i'm all screwed up.

    i have a VERY hard time with sitting in a chair with both feet on the floor. it's super uncomfortable to me and i always feel the need to with both legs up in the chair and crossed, or one leg in the chair - one leg down, one foot propped on something... at work it's generally both legs/feet up in the chair and crossed. or i have a box under my desk that acts as a foot rest.

    i've probably got a lot more but don't realize it... i'm sure deep down i'm a complete nutcase :smile:
  9. i'm another shopper who never takes the first or last of something on a shelf.

    i retouch light switches and make sure they're completely off.

    i typically wiggle my foot until i fall asleep at night.

    i pull my blankets all the way up to my chin and mouth even if it's summer and hot.

    with a handheld shower head, i have to wash the handle before i really start showering.

    i won't use the same cup or eat from the same utensils that someone else has ever used. this is oddly only at home though and i have no fear of eating in restaurants.

    if i touch my face in public, i have to whip out a mirror right away to make sure i don't have anything on my face.

    i avoid blowing my nose in any public place for fear that boogers will remain somewhere on my nose and no one would ever tell me.

    i can't stand eating a birthday cake that somebody blew out their candles on.

    i hate the feeling of wet hair touching my shirt so i try to keep it up in a towel until it's dry.
  10. This thread makes me feel a million times better about my little quirks. I too double, triple check things (straightener, coffee pot, blow dryer, garage door) before I leave. I work about 25 minutes from my home and one day I was convinced that I left the garage door open so I called my sister and asked her to go to lunch with me in the town I live in. We drove 25 miles to lunch (there are plenty of restaurants where I work) and then I begged her to drive by my house to check the door. Sure enough it was closed. I ended up having to take a 2 hour lunch because of this. My sister said "I bet you feel stupid now that you know the door is closed" I told her "Nope! I actually feel better."

  11. I do this too!
  12. The only one I can think of is that I sleep with the pillow on top of my head, rather under my head. When my DBF wakes up I always steal his so that I can have one under and one over.
  13. I am another one that won't take the first or last item on the shelf. This is only true of food or drink items. If it has no friends I think something is wrong with it. LOL

    Also I put my bill envelopes in size order, the largest on the bottom, before putting them in the mailbox.
  14. I absolutely refuse to use public washrooms. I will hold my bladder until I get home or go to someone's home or go to a place where I "think" the washrooms might be clean.