Do you have any problem with lambskin wallet?

  1. I love the classic flap wallet but could not find it in caviar. The lambskin is gorgeous but I'm worry it will not last. If you own the wallet in lambskin, would you please let me know how long you had it and if you have any issue with it?
  2. a couple of months for me. no problems and i don't baby it at all. hths!
  3. v similar to Mick, I am in my 3rd month of using my camelia lambskin, and it hasnt got a mark on it. Still puffy, and looks exactly as it did when it came out of the box, and trust me, I stroke it alot ;)
  4. my camelia wallet is pretty durable actually...I just throw it in my bags and it comes out looking pretty good. The only thing I've noticed is it's not as shiny as it was new.
  5. I have the new lambskin reissue wallet and I am a bit worried about it, but it seems to be fine.

    My older wallet, that I had for a few years, was the classic caviar long wallet and it held up fabulously. I was wondering if my lambskin will do the same... time will tell.
  6. Thanks for your feedbacks.