Do you have any pets ????

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  1. I have 4 dogs and two cats :smile:

    Here are their pics

    I have two flat-coats - one aged nearly 3 years Kira and the onthe 9 months Bracken --- but in the pic is when we first got her.

    We also have two chis in our family - one 6 months ' Stitch', and the baby is 10 weeks, and he is called zero.

    I dont have a pic of my cats but one is a snow spotted bengal - she is 5 and is called Mena. The othe is a black cat called Harry he is 8 .

    i would love to see pics of your pets :biggrin:

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  2. No, kind of wish I did though :sad:
  3. Cute little Shih-tzu named Chelsey. If I ever master pic's without trouble I will send.
  4. meet crunchy aka crunchmeister aka cruncher:



    i found her on the street about 3 years ago, took her home with me and she's my baby ever since. i love her as much as i love my bags. ok i love her more than my bags. :love:
  5. Fayden - your dog looks adorable, and I can see just from the pictures that it has a fun personality.

    I have a 12 year old Shih Tzu, and she is still going strong! I have to take some pictures so I can post :smile:
  6. she totally is adorable, loves people. loves to play too. i always have a camera in her face so i have tons of pictures.

    yes i would love to see everyone's pets, so come on, take your camera's out and post them!!!
  7. those two little ones are sooooo cute, do you ever put them in your bags? hahaha.
  8. i have a 1 year old parson russell terrier (aka a jack russell) named chayse. i've posted this pic of her before, but its just too cute.

    halloween 2.jpg
  9. Here's a picture of my rat, Spot, which I've posted before. The cat is Big Poppa (like Notorious BIG !) and I'm just fostering him, but I love him so much ! He lets me hug him when I sleep.. how many cats will let you do that ! :biggrin:

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  10. I have a huge Standard poodle, white! Another time I will post pictures!
  11. Here is my baby, Princess Beatrice. She's a 4 month old pug.

    Any suggestions on great stores for doggie clothes?

    I shop at Yuppy Puppy in Austin, but I'm sure there are many other amazing stores and websites out there.

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  12. my baby chloe.....

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  13. yes, i have two yorkies, Kobe & Kelly
  14. I have a 13 year old miniature Yorkie. Oh, I love him so much. I would give up my designer bags collection if it meant he would live for another 13 years.
  15. Ok I'll take hfxshopgirl's parson russell terrier & jc2239's chloe. LOL J/K hehe They're TOO CUTE!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE!!! hehe