Do you have any patent leather bags?

  1. Or are you planning on buying one this spring?

    I keep seeing patent all over the place. While I LOVE patent leather shoes I don't think I would buy a patent leather bag. Opinions?
  2. Patent leather bags are wonderful - they hold up very well. I have several vintage pieces from my grandmother and they look wonderful.

    In terms of modern I have 2 Coach patent purses - a white "lunch sack" purse from 2 summers ago and a blue tote from this winter. I also have the new pomme red LV tote.
    Patents repel water and stains and hold up to basic wear and tear. They also add bright color to whatever you're wearing.
    If you treat them nicely they will last just about forever.
  3. Yes, I have a LV Vernis Reade PM in bronze and I am also drooling over the new Pomme d'Amour color...
  4. Yes, I have a Fendi B bag royal blue patent leather that I asked my sister to buy for me from SIngapore Fendi Boutique but haven't used it yet. I'm selling it on eBay.
  5. I used to have a LV Reade PM in Beige ... I love patent, I would definitely buy another!
  6. I've had patent leather bags in the past and have really liked them, they stand out in a crowd! I actually just ordered this one from


    It was REALLY on sale, I'm excited to see what it looks like when it arrives!
  7. I have three.

    Calvin Klein

    A vintage I bought last month

  8. I've got the Jimmy Choo Ramona in patent leather. Never thought I liked patent until I bought it! :p But the leather is soft and high-quality and I'm pleased with it. I would definitely buy another patent bag.
  9. i don't have one, but considering to buy a patent for use in rainy days :p
    my ops is between marc jacobs huge patent leather or a chanel coco cabas in vinyl :p
  10. Love your bag and this is the bag I want! Does it come in a bigger size???? I really love it since seeing it on Jessica Simpson.
  11. That's nice to know. What color are they? This year I am definately going to buy something in patent. I've shied away from white b/c I thought they might turn yellowish over time. Have you had that experience?
  12. Thanks! The patent Ramonas were part of the F/W 06 line and they are basically sold out worldwide, except for a few blue ones kicking around the department stores like Saks. My Jimmy Choo SA told me that no more patent Ramonas are being made. But there are lots of great regular leather Ramonas to choose from.

    The Ramona is pretty big. It has a smaller baby sister, called the Riki. And yes, JC is coming out with a bigger size Ramona for S/S 07 that my SA described as weekender size.
  13. I did have one - a patent leather Carker - but I sold it. For me it was a divine, but one season option, and I should have kept the non-patent version (long story involving romantic surprise from husband, guilty buying from me and two Carker bags!). I could almost feel the clock ticking on the bag, gorgeous as it was and knew come April that black patent, however classically represented, would not be what I wanted. I do think though that it is gorgeous and as a general rule, practical. If I had enough money to add 'extras' to my bag collection, I'd include a patent bag.
  14. I never liked patent leather bags until I saw the Jimmy Choo Riki bag in bordeaux. I just had to get it. I'm really loving this bag!


  15. I have a couple patent leather bags which are a few years is a black Prada shopper (kind of like a squarish bucket bag with two short handles) and a burgundy BCBG satchel. I admittedly don't carry them much anymore but they are still favorites...good memories.