Do YOU have ANY idea how much MONEY is in your closet???

  1. I was trying to sleep last night and just seemed to have alot on my mind.. So instead of counting sheep I was counting BAGS!! :nuts::p What a dork!! But there I am and I am counting then hubby would say something and I would have to start over but I got up this morning and already I am on the hunt again and I haven't even gotten my latest acquisition. What IS it!! And then I am tallying up how much each of the bags were as I was counting and OMG.... I think I might have a problem:push:
  2. ^ that's hilarious! I gave up calculating the "value" of my closet a long time ago. But I know what you mean about counting bags...but I think I might be even dorkier than you as I've actually made a list of all my bags on a notecard that I take with me when I go on a "hunt." This way I don't get too crazy and buy impulsively. I try to think about the new acquisition relative to what I already have so that I can build a more rounded collection. I also have another notecard that's my wishlist, full of style number and prices and my own sketch of what the bag sortof looks like. Oy, that is just my OCD acting up.

    What's funny is DH always asks me what one item I would grab if there were a fire in my closet and I could only save one bag!
  3. YES!! i realized it a while back and nearly had a heart attack.

    That's when i decided to start liquidating some bags...:p
  4. What has crossed my mind is re-evaluating the home owner's insurance policy to reflect not only the increase in what it would cost to rebuild the home now as to when we took out the policy 10 years ago, but also to rethink the value of what's in the closet, an other high priced items in the house. It also struck me as odd that phrase that insurance policies cite as exempt due to an act of God. Has anyone received a letter from Him, a bill, an annoucement that I did this? Perhaps my years in a lawfirm sparked the notion that perhaps this is a bona fide legal defense to counter the insurance caveat. I'd be very interested in seering the supporting evidence!
  5. erm I have just done my maths and the bag alone are about 20K USD I'm a lil shocked to say the least!
  6. :roflmfao: Last night I had a similar problem. I was counting how many bags I had, let alone how much they are all worth. It actually put me to sleep and I never got a complete tally. The post just reminded of that. If I had to add up how much they were worth, OMG, I do not even want to think about that. Plus if DH new :sweatdrop:....... Do not want to go there. :nogood: But of course I am thinking of what do I want now to add to my collection :confused1::confused1:. Seems like it is never ending, but it sure is fun :yes:.
  7. Well? Which one is it ;)
  8. I try not to think of it. Coz, if I do then I have to admit I have a problem. :amuse:
  9. lol...I knew you'd bust me on this one. But changes from time to time but my usual answer is it might be this bag since it was so hard to find her:


    BUT i will definitely cheat and stuff this lil gucci bag inside the chanel bag before rushing out of the burning closet:

  10. beautiful:drool:

    I was just thinking, a friend of mine has a sticker on the front door to save her cat in case of fire... maybe we should make one for the tPF that says to save the bags
  11. ^lol
  12. :roflmfao:

    I've done the numbers in my head and the figure is just crazy!!! :sweatdrop: But it never seems to stop cuz I keep looking!
  13. :roflmfao:LOL !! Yes, Mr. Fireman, please save my cat and my bags.

    I don't want to know what my closet is worth....:sweatdrop: :push:
  14. Thankfully my budget doesn't allow me to buy a lot of Chanel's (though I am going to start saving up darnit, because there are so many that I want!), so it's mostly Coach for me. Still though, I'd say I have at least eight thousand dollars just in bags (if I include my one Chanel cambon tote, and my Fendi Spy too).

    It reminds me of that "Sex and the City" episode where Carrie doesn't have the money to buy her apartment after she breaks up with Aidan, and she discovers she has something like a quarter of a million dollars (I can't remember the exact figure) sitting in her shoe collection. *L*
  15. :wtf: lol!! All in SHOES!