Do you have any Chanel Scarfs? Great deal on those at Filenes

  1. First of all, some usefull (hopefully ) info: Filene's basements in Maryland and DC just got a shipment of a bunch of Chanel scarfs. Prices range from 50 for small ones to 150 for large ones.
    Now, I'm wondering where could Filene's Basement get Chanel from? Asked the manager of one store and she had no idea , they just recieve the stuff and put out on shelves. Do you think they are real? I examined the tags and they look exactly the way tags of the authentic scarfs at Chanel store look like. However, a scarf is so easy to fake!
  2. Do you know which stores in MD:smile:
  3. i have been to tyson corner, va, mezza gallery , dc, and rockville, md. But i suspect other stores got them too, looks like a mass shipment
  4. Wow, great deal for chanel scarfs.
  5. Provided they are real. :confused1:
    I examined one scarf, and it had a tag just like Chanel scarfs do, but on the scarf itself it said "Hampston" (or something like that, not chanel related at all). I dont know if someone returned this and switched tags or the scarfs are just fake.)
  6. I'm going to have to go to the Filines by me now, to check this out. Maybe they got some too.
  7. off subject did you see the lovely chanel scarf on serena in gossip girls, Now i'm going to have to go the filenes.
  8. what scarf did serena wear ladyjane? any pics?
  9. If serena has one, I feel like I have to have it, lol.
  10. sheanabelle i feel the same, eheheeh i love her style.. they wear such awesome things on that show!
  11. I'm dying for the Serena scarf! Anyone know if it's in stores??
  12. Eh....can fakes be sold in malls?
  13. now i have to watch that show! hahaha!
    I must admit, I already got several scarfs from Filene's :smile: They are so pretty.

    I dont think they sell fake stuff at the discount stores. But who knows. I always double check anyways. One time Filene's was selling a bunch of Prada backbacks. EXACTLY same back packs were sold upstairs at Neimans. The only different was that the straps on Filene's backbacks were much much shorter than at the normal version at Neimans. They were to short to be worn comfortably. I dont know if this bunch was just an irregular pack or fake, but they were different :sad:
  14. Just stopped at a Filene's near me and spotted a few scarves also. I picked up one that I thought was pretty - an airy crepe material with camelias and a few CCs on it -it had several colors (deep red, orange, blue, green purple as you go across a white background). It says Chanel, but I wasn't sure b/c of the store and my general lack of knowledge about such things. Worth buying?

  15. do you have a picture? I will post pics of my scarfs later on. I think it is really hard to spot a fake vs real scarf . there are not that many things to examine as with the bags. You can try to go to the chanel store and see how the scarfs there feel and if yours feels the same way, i guess. any other suggestions?
    I think the it's definately worth buying if you want a Chanel scarf, since they are much cheaper than retail.