Do you have any bags that you never thought you would own

  1. I have learned many new things since joining this wonderful handbag community. I have learned that it is ok to love handbags and I deserve to have which ever one I want. (Within financial reason of course).

    I have always wanted to purchase a Louis Vuitton but I never thought that I would own one. Once I joined this forum I new that I just had to have one. I have lusted after these bags for 20+ years and actually going to a boutique and making the purchase is one of the many highlights of my life. I even circled the Galleria a couple of times holding my shopping bag to prolong my shopping experience. I usually carry Coach but this bag has its own special spot in my heart and I always make sure that I take good care of it.

    My question to eveyone is has there been a bag that you finally purchased after joining this forum?
  2. a hermes and classic chanel.
    i always thought they were too "patronizing" for me.
    bit i ended up with a hermes herbag and a classic flap chanel LOL
  3. Before joining the forum I only purchased LV and Gucci but since joining the forum I've been adding other designers to my collection. Also, I've been buying accessories as well.

    TPF = Crack :nuts:
  4. I have started buying accessories also. I love to have matching accessories with my bag. I don't have an LV wallet so I just carry my brown Coach wallet.
  5. LOL! Probably all of my bags!! If someone said to me a year ago that I would own 7 bags that all cost at least £120 ($250) with a retail value of double that figure, I would have told me that they must be crazy!!!

    Now Im hooked on bags!:graucho:
  6. Definitely more into Chloes than I thought I would be. I have also been trying smaller and more "indie" designers as well after reading about them here on the PFer.
  7. I would never have seen the Bulga Pudding bag that I bought had it not been for this place. I love it to pieces!
  8. From the other side of the spectrum, I never thought I would get a Vera Bradley bag (saw them in stores, didn't even know they were called Vera Bradley just knew I would NEVER have one: BLECH!). Well after reading some threads here about how lightweight they are and washable, etc. guess what I just got yesterday. Yep, a Vera Bradley! In my own defense, IT'S ONLY FOR TRAVELING!!!! Thanks tPF!!!
  9. Let's see. I never thought I would own any:

    but yep, you guessed it, all that has happened in my nearly 1 year here!

    Most of all it was the LV. I was a hater when I first saw the LV mono many many years ago but now I'm in LOVE with it!
  10. I wasn't sure about my LV Damier speedy but I now love it. I also never thought I would buy an LV and now I have 2. I have always carried Coach and Marc Jacobs so I guess it's just a matter time and I will buy a Hermes...hee hee...just keep climbing the ladder.
  11. This thread makes me laugh:biggrin:, knowing that just being on Tpf makes temptation almost impossible to resist...

    Years ago, I had a big clear out and found 2 beautiful catalogues from LV (the old brown ones) With a sigh I just chucked them away, thinking I would never be able to have anything from there again (kids, mortgage, life...) Although our finances have improved, I don't think I would have ended up with 4 pieces of LV in 6 months if it wasn't for this forum (and that's why I love it, LOL)
  12. Thanks to this forum I have come to know and love Hermes deeply. Although I don't have the fortune to own anything H just yet, I am getting to know every detail there is to it (and there are many) so that I make the best choice when I finally buy my H bag.

    Before TPF, there was only Chanel and Coach in my life!
  13. I was deciding which LV I should get before I come to this forum - this is the initiative to find this forum. At that time I don't think I like speedy. Funny thing is after I saw so many pictures about people wearing speedy, it totally convinced me. Now I love my new speedy and cles everyday!
  14. Balenciaga. I didn't really "get" them until I started reading the Bal forum. Then I decided to check them out in person and it was all over for me. Now I'm a b-bag addict.
  15. A classic Chanel, although it's used, I love it to pieces