Do you have any bag charms on your Bow Bag?

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  1. Wondering if any of you Bow Bag owners have any bag charms attached onto your bag(s)?

    I just a new Fumo Bow Bag and I want to accessorise it, so any suggestions will be good!

  2. I've seen here one girl putting miumiu's round keyring to it. Pretty :smile:
  3. Ohhh... are there any pics???
  4. I am going to put my Miu Miu heart purse on mine when the purse finally gets here.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Sooooo cute :smile:

    Please keep the thoughts coming!
  8. Must it be miu miu charm? Mine is hello kitty instead... :smile:

  9. Bumping this up! My Sughero bow is 3 years old and I'm trying to think of ways to accessorise her ;)
  10. Hello Kitty is sooo cute, where did you get her? I want one!
  11. I have one from see by chloé, they use to have cute ones :smile:

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  12. This color is so beautiful!

  13. Here's mine! it's a Miu Miu keychain from 2011! But it's on my Vitello Lux Shopper, not my Bow Bag... hope this still applies to the post!:P
  14. Aww, cute! :smile:
  15. oh artsygirl! I was going to buy that to wear as a key chain but I felt the flower was too big, it's lovely!