Do you have any babies that haven't been outside yet?

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  1. Do you have any handbags that, despite your love for them, haven't yet been worn? Why? And how long have you had them?

    For me, its my Devi Kroell astrakhan hobo. I haven't worn it because its fur and I don't want to wear it in 1) the rain, 2) the snow, 3) when I'm going somewhere that the bag may end up on the floor and 4) when I'm wearing something else fur. It makes me sad:sad2: I guess I've had it about 5 weeks and I am EAGERLY awaiting the right occasion for its debut. Maybe Friday....
  2. yup, my gucci horsebit. had it since november? it's been a while. it's suede, and i don't want to ruin it!!!! what to do?
  3. funny Fayden. Me too, I am scared too take it outside
  4. Nope...even the suede went out into the rain today! Protected but out.
  5. :nuts: yes, totally! my LV speedy 30 monogram.... i seriously just need to TAKE IT OUT!!! Show the world! But since it is my FIRST ever beautiful bag purchase i'm just worried it will get wrecked :shame: (hehehe) BUT i'll be sure to take Louis out for a walk this weekend :nuts:
  6. I totally don't have that "problem" ;) , although I can certainly understand it. However, I do have certain bags that I am very careful about carrying (and obsessively checking to see if there are scratches or stains), despite having had them for years. Is that really weird?
  7. Nope. As soon as I buy a new bag I find an excuse to go shopping, to the grocery store, the bank - anywhere I can take it out and show it off :P I got my paddington in the middle of my workday and I just had to go to the mall at lunch so I could take it for a test drive. My feet were killing me because I didn't wear very comfortable shoes, but I didn't care! :biggrin:
  8. far of my newest, I haven't used either of the two black ones, I have only used the Betsey Johnson brown one... I have yet to use my IF QP or my Coach patchwork tote, and I have had that one since September. I have only used my IF Metal of Honor once, and the same goes for my Audra.

    Couldn't tell you exactly why...just never seems like the right time.
  9. if i don't have the immediate urge to wear a bag, no matter what the weather or occasion, i take the bag back, because to me, that's the ultimate test. when i love a bag, i can't stop myself. the balenciaga went out today even though it was raining and it was way to small to carry for school and i had to carry my notebook in my arms.
  10. I'm like Cristina, gotta take it out right away, after the first couple of times, then I might put them away for a while due to whatever reason. It's like when I was young, my Dad tells me that the minute I get a new dress or gown (for special occasions), I'd wear it to dinner that night AT HOME!!! I don't have the patience to wait!!!
  11. i usually take them out directly as well but my new cerise pochtte hasn't been out so far because here it's bitterly cold and i wear this ridiculous big cout and even with the pochette extension it doesn't fit over my arm. Beside this have you ever senn the marshmallow man with a tiny purse stucked under his armpits;)?
  12. This might sound crazy. I love bags and I like to collect them and store them in my closet. I don't like to use them LOL...... So far I have about 70-ish and maybe only 20 of them been out. :biggrin:
  13. I'm just liek y ou but in a smaller scale. I have like 10 kate spades I haven't used yet and my Coach suede products haven't been out yet.
  14. I have a black quilted Chanel w/ brass chains from 1989 which I have actually taken out of its dust bag 1 time in 16 yrs to use... My aunt bought it for me as a reward for finally finishing HS...I LOVE this bag and have no reason not to use it...I just look at the dustbag lovingly every morning...
  15. I absolutely cannot wait when I get a new bag. I must carry it immediately. I am very paranoid of late about my bag when it's out in public, though. I got my first LV back in August, and I never thought too much about the vachetta on it. Yes, I was careful, but not obsessed. I just got the Speedy 25 in Las Vegas last weekend, and I am a maniac! Now that I've joined the forum and have seen all of the posts on patina I'm terrified that mine will develop an uneven patina.

    I took my first LV out to bars and even in a slight rain. I can't do it with this one!