Do You Have Any Allergies ??

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  1. I am allergic to penicillian,plums pollen,certain scented candles,baby bar (soap ) and Milk.

    How about you ? Do you have any allergies ?
  2. Oh....Do I have allergies!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING! apples,plums,pears,nectarines,peaches,cats,shellfish,pollen...cherries....penicillin(and about a dozen other meds!)
    Life is very interesting when you have to carry 2 epi-pens around everywhere you go!(Hence the large bags I buy!!!!!)
  3. Ceclor, penicillin and bactrin <--- all medications.
  4. i've got the basics...pollen, ragweed, etc...although japanese steakhouses and fried fish have been known to kickstart my allergies as well.

    my poor daughter though...she's got allergies. she's allergic to peanuts, and because of my allergies she's got asthma as well.
  5. Cant say that in do
  6. The only one I am aware of is the entire penicillin family (yes, even the synthetic derivatives).
  7. Pollen, penicillin, dust, etc. Not fun, but not as bad as my college friend who also had to carry epi-pens around. He was the only person I met who did not have to buy a meal plan at school when we were freshmen. He also hasn't stepped into a restaurant in over ten years.
  8. I have the typical seasonal allergies and also allergic the cat dander. I thought it'd be too early for allergy season b/c it's still cold here in NY, but my allergies have been acting up the past week and I just had to take my allergra D. Eyes itch and hurt so much and constant runny nose. YUCK!
  9. allergic to the outdoorsy things--pollen, mountain cedar, etc. and cigarette smoke, dust, animal dander--I love my Allegra D
  10. just the usual - hayfever...
  11. Nope, don't think so *knock on wood*.
  12. penicillin, aspirin, citrus fruits, cats, shellfish, mangos, fresh cut grass, oak trees, dust, mold and the list goes on. right now my eyes won't stop itching, my nose look like rudolph the rednose reindeer, sinus headache and the worst of it all is that i am seeing my allergist next week so for 5 days i can't take anything for my allergies. ahhhhhhh! someone please shoot me now because i do not know if i will survive this. i hat spring and fall for this reason.
  13. OMG! and I have the SAME allergies!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Any purfume containing "nightshade"
    I got this from my dad-
    athsma attck, eyes swell, really bad really nasty!

    And I have come to find out-
    I'm allergic to cheap rum.
    We all went out- and I had a rum mixed drink.
    My dad got the same reaction at the same time.
    Flushness of the skin
    Stomach ache
    and muscle spasms.

    And mold, but there had to be alot of it!
  15. Hayfever. Nothing special. Sometimes cats. I also have asthma so my sensitivity varies.