Do you have an (Hermes) clutch life?

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  1. I love little evening bags, even though I don’t get enough use out of them, evening clutch events being thin on the ground.

    However this is a time of year when a clutch life comes alive.

    not sure why I missed this timely post.

    thank you @Notorious Pink but here it goes. Love it and would love to see other members clutch life....
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  2. While I do own a Kelly Pochette which I don't wear as often as I would like, for me I prefer the BV knots
    as they are easier to hold in my hand which is how I like to carry my clutch bags.
    This is really a great time to focus on those smaller size bags that we should bring out of our closets & start
    to use more frequently..
  3. I have a few clutches but most are collectibles as they are circa 1930’s. I’ve used the Rex clutch a couple of times.
    A054179C-73DA-44CB-9B66-2F1F2DDC0445.jpeg F540909C-F2F6-4539-A026-A417AB041C21.jpeg E9F548EA-0005-4FCE-9F23-7C55B89DCB55.jpeg
  4. I don't get enough uses out of clutches, so as much as I try I can't justify an Hermes clutch because of the (lack of) number of times I get to use it! I've told my SA that I don't want either Kelly Cut or Kelly Pochette for that reason. I totally love and admire them from afar though!
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  5. Ooh I am a total clutch girl! For me clutches are not just an evening bag but something that can be during the day and can transition from day to night. My favorite clutches from Hermes has to be Kelly Cut and Kelly Pochette. And even though mini Kelly is not technically a clutch but I use the mini Kelly the same way as I do the clutches - always, any day and any time :hbeat:
    Here are a few pictures of my ‘clutches’

    Attached Files:

  6. Extraordinary organization... a girl after my own heart & your collection of Kelly's is divine:smile:
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  7. Have them? Yes. Use them? Not really. They are so tempting, but for such infrequent use, don't fit my lifestyle in this season of life.

    Thanks for sharing your beautifully organized collection! Would you mind letting us know where you found the belt storage box? I'm looking for something just like this!
  8. same here!
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  9. Thank you so much! I always used to think that I was a birkin gal but turns out I love Kelly bags just as much or maybe a tad bit more?:giggle:
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  10. Thank you so much! I got the containers from the container store. These are actually meant for jewelry but I repurposed them:smile:
  11. I used to think exactly that but honestly this time of year it’s so easy. Drinks. Cocktails obvious of course. But going to see a film? Dinner? I even take mine to work in a larger tote...
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  12. I don’t have a clutch life per se but I have a use for Hermes clutches. I have 3 - Kelly Cut, Medor and Egee and for the type of evening social events I attend (including black tie because rare is the event truly a black tie where you would wear a long gown accessorized with a Judith Leiber jewelled clutch), I pull out one of my Hermes clutches to use. They are the type of handbag for me that is used infrequently but when I need it, I am sure glad I have three to choose from. I don’t use them during the day eg like going to the art gallery look. I’m too functional to pull off that look!
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    The only Hermès bags I have are clutches. I don’t live a formal lifestyle, but I carry clutches often, more than any other style I have. (I have purchased primarily Bottega Veneta bags for about ten years, but prefer larger clutches than the Knot for practical reasons.) I also like Asian design and architectural influences in bags. So, when I saw an Octogone, I was hooked. Then I saw a Baton de Craie. Then a 2004 Verrou. What can I say? I see eccentricity as being a positive trait and a great cover for impulsive decisions. :yahoo:

    Most of the H clutches I have also come in shoulder bag versions. I simply see my clutches as regular bags but without the straps. I occasionally carry a clutch in a tote, especially when I travel. The tote also carries other things and can stay in the hotel room or car trunk when I don’t need it and I simply carry the clutch. Did I mention my ability to rationalize my choices?

    I’ve posted a few mod photos on this forum and I’m always casually dressed (usually in jeans) and carrying a clutch. A clutch forces me to edit how much I carry and that’s been a good lesson for me. I think it’s important to note that I’m vintage myself, so I don't need to carry children’s necessities with me or things like snacks.

    All these are frequent flyers, except the Verrou. It’s just a bit too small for me to use often.
    Yes, I could easily get by with one clutch if I just used it for dressy occasions, and I might get to that point some day, but not yet.....
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  14. Yes a clutch life but owns only one hermes clutch :angel:. I am from the Middle East , so because we have large families, relatives and friends I get invited to many weddings where I have to wear a full length gown and a clutch. I think that a clutch is a must for a black tie event and formal parties because anything 25 or bigger will look out of place . I have a kelly cut vert once nilo croc with ghw and a kelly 20 ostrich in blue sapphire ghw so I think there are enough , I'm not looking for more .

    But for a day to day life or for going out to restaurants or so , I prefer to take a kelly 25 mainly for the fact that it has a strap I like to keep my hands free .
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