Do you have an Apple computer?

Hey. I use Mac. But I'm fine with OSX. I haven't felt as though Mac has been limited, as a system, for years (that used to be true, before the whole Mac revival -- before the iMac came in and Mac's fortunes began to change and compatibility became better and better every year). Everything I need is already available to me. Plus graphic design is so great, with the Mac. (Caveat to this -- I am not a gamer!)
Between my husband and I, we run an iMac, an iBook, a Gateway desktop and a Toshiba laptop. In my opinion, it's best to keep your devices doing what they were meant to do, so they can do it well. The average user will likely have difficulty switching operating systems on one computer. By the time you have gone through the cost of purchasing Windows, along with the frustration of hacking it together and making it work on a new Mac, you could have purchased an inexpensive Windows machine and have had it all loaded for you.
There is no need to run windows on a OSX platform. I'm a faithful apple buyer, and I also believe that the OSX platform is superiour. Part of the reason I like apple so much is because the company is not interested in competing with windows, rather they are interested in providing their audience with the highest quality and efficient machines, no blue screen of death for me.
Coach said:
There is no need to run windows on a OSX platform. I'm a faithful apple buyer, and I also believe that the OSX platform is superiour

No, this isn't running Windows on top of OSX, this is running Windows straight, without OSX. That's the whole key to the exercise.

And if OSX is superior, why are they up to version 4? It's because the first 3 were SLOW. And why must you have to run OS9 on top of OSX if you want to run all of your older applications? You never had to do that with Windows, everything is compatible.

You're a little behind, the blue screen of death hasn't been a problem since Windows Me, 6 years ago. Apples used to crash just as frequently. Don't tell me you've never gotten a bomb.

Apple may be superior in your eyes but MACs only have about 3% market share. Try walking into any chain store such as Best Buy or Staples and just try and find software and hardware compatible for the Mac. Sure its out there but it's almost DOUBLE the price.
There will never be an Apple computer in my household. Windows all the way. Too bad that damn iPod mini had to come in bright green and I happened to end up getting one for my birthday last year :shame:
I REALLY want an Apple computer, they're very exciting machines. But with that being said, I'm a hardcore PC user, I can build my own boxes and I actually work in IT mostly dealing with Windows computers.

And my two cents on a Windows port.. interesting, but Windows wasn't designed for Macs. Mac software is designed specifically for the hardware (since it will always be identical and propriatery), so there may be some bugs to work out along the way. That's part of the reason why I want to see the Macbook Pro go through a few generations before I lay down the money for it.
I have to add that I am absolutely not technologically adept or knowledgeable. My brother is, though, and he recently bought a Mac laptop. And he loves it! He is a technology geek, and all he can do is go around praising the cleverness of the design, and the platform, and the innards of the machine. He got turned on to Macs when he was here last Christmas, and he opened up my Mac in order to put a new video card inside it, and he was so impressed by the engineering inside it (my brother is a physics PhD).
As far as I am concerned (I'm in the arts), I love the styling of Macs. The are just wonderful to look at. Other computers are simply not designed, in the same way that Macs are. I also like the customer service I've received and the graphic design and publishing capabilities that my computer has. I know that some PCs can also do these things now, but Mac was at the forefront, in graphic design technology, for so long.
It was only a matter of time until some clever hackers managed to get Windoze running on the new x86 Intel-based Macs. It was meant to happen, as the new Intel architecture is very much alike to the Win desktops that many of us have been running for years.

I had the chance to work extensively on both platforms. For productivity, Macs are far superior in my opinion. They just get the work done, period. No distractions in form of viruses, adware, all that junk that Windoze machines have struggled with for ages. My next computer will be an Intel Core Duo based desktop mac, maybe even a MacBook Pro, not sure yet.

Truth of the matter is, for people who are not as versed with computers are some of us, Macs are the far more intuitive and safe machines. Little things you can mess up, less harm that is put in your way. OSX was a huge leap forward in development, adding the BSD (*nix) core to the operating system was a great choice, and now the performance has taken a leap forward with the introduction of the Intel dual core processors.

ayla has a good point, there is still some software packages out there that were developed and written for the PowerPC hardware platform, the new macs have to use the Rosetta emulator to run it natively. But more and more of the popular apps are already available in the universal binaries, meaning they have been optimised for the new hardware - and more and more applications are catching up.

And fayden, your argument of lacking backwards compatibility is not quite rational in my opinion. Saying that your old OS9 apps don't run on OSX is like saying that you can't get your DOS executables to run in WinXP. OS X has been around for years now, just like Windows 98/ME/2000 and XP have been around.

My final point is, Microsoft writes ****ty code. All developers know that. Bloated operating systems with lots of bugs. Hell, the last Windows 2000 SP still left like 6,000 known bugs unfixed, and that's no joke.

Windows can be productive and stable, you just need to know a good amount of know-how to keep yourself out of harm's way. And the great majority of computer users don't have that. Macs are more secure, and they get the work done. Mac 1 - Win 0.
I am am an Apple user. I used to be a PC user, but I switched and never felt the reason to go back. In answer to Fayden's comment about getting the bomb, I got the bomb a couple of times when I was using OS 8.5, but since I got OS X, I haven't had any problems. There's quite a difference in stability between classic OS and OS X. The change to a UNIX based OS was a change for the better IMO.
Yes, I got a 17 inch powerbook about 2 weeks ago, I have had apple computers all my life and have never had any problems with them. My friend recently bought a Windows based laptop and it had a virus within a week, they just arent reliable like Apple.:biggrin:
I am quite baffled about the technologically minded ladies that inhabit this forum. Wow, hats off! You guys beat the stereotype that women don't know jack about computers to pulp!