Do you have an accent?

  1. Southern, Northern, Mid-Western, Spanish, Russian...just curious to know who has accents!

    DH and I are both Greek but I wasn't raised speaking it and grew up in Georgia so I have a bit of a southern accent. DH was raised in both Greece and Montreal, Canada so he has an interesting accent, kind of a mix of the two.

    I wanna know what kind of accent you have :smile:
  2. Although Chinese American raised in NYC, I do not have the New Yawker accent. I don't believe there is any regional accent at all but have been told by others they detect San Bernadino CA (Valley Girl), also Nob Hill/San Francisco. Oh yeah, some kid said I had a snooty accent :rolleyes:, so yeah, that must be it. :p
  3. My SO who is originally from Minnesota seems to think I have bit of a ''Texas twang'' going on....the way I pronounce some things makes him giggle. I like to say ya'll a lot...and the list goes on for him!
  4. People who I speak to on the phone say I have a Canadian accent. I'm not from Canada. ;)
  5. I live in California but both of my parents are from the Midwest. I've been told by some people I have a Chicago accent.
  6. I have a geekish Yankee accent but I live in rural north Georgia.
  7. When I speak english I have a slight southern accent. I lived in Mississippi (along with california, maryland, etc) for many years and the MS-accent just *stuck* LOL!

    When I speak German I speak with a franconian dialect but I (thankfully) do not have the awful american accent, lol
  8. yes, a Texas draawl
  9. Although I pronounce things a bit more proper than most New Yorkers, my accent comes out once in a while. I was born and raised here for 24 years so I guess it's bound to come out at some points!

    The most obnoxious trip was when we went to California and EVERYONE kept asking us, "Are you from New York?!" UGH. YES.
  10. I've never heard that I have an accent... but I don't know... what accent is in the mid-west US?
  11. I'm from MO and used to live in Cali and everyone said I had an accent! I say y'all! I've also been told I sound like I'm from Wisconsin or Connecticut? I've never been to either place!
  12. For me, the "a" sound in certain words seems flatter. I hear it in the word Chicago: "sh-CAH-go" vs. "sh-CAW-go" or sausage: "SAH-sidge" vs. "SAW-sidge."

    I think I have a fairly neutral accent within the US, but working with colleagues in different parts of the world, primarily the UK and places where there has been British influence through history, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and India, I hear my "American" accent quite clearly. It's frustrating I can't tone it down a bit sometimes!
  13. When I'm really upset my Brooklyn accent comes roaring back. Otherwise it's there but not so noticeable. My kids love to imitate my accent.
  14. I've lived all over the midwest as well as a few years in Florida. When we moved from Minnesota to Florida everyone said I had a funny accent. After many years in Illinois I don't think I have any accent, but once in awhile someone will identify it as northern Illinois. It's not a south side Chicago accent, but apparently I do have one.

    Being in the south now it's easy to use *y'all* frequently!
  15. I do have a midwestern accent - typically -ing words end in an -ine sound; marry, merry and Mary all sound the same. It isn't as noticeable as a MN accent or a UP accent, but it is there. I lived in Boston for a while and everyone was particularly amused that I pronounced the word box in a very short way, and that I used the word bubbler in place of water fountain. And I once asked someone which "Bonnie" they meant, when in fact they had asked about "Barney". I had to ask them, "If you pronounce B-a-r-n-e-y as Bonnie, then how do you pronounce B-o-n-n-i-e?" :giggles:

    And yet I lived there long enough that when I'm not paying attention, words with an -ar sound often end up with an -ah sound instead. But I still pronounce marry, merry and Mary the same, so I never developed a true Boston accent!