do you have action shots of a business card holder?

  1. I've combed through the reference threads. I need a business card holder to hold several cards at once. I am not looking to hold credit cards, but I guess that some small accessories will work for both?

    Can you please share photos of your card holder "in action", and give me a few details - e.g. how many cards it holds, any issues with functionality, *NAME* (so I can ask to see it at the boutique), and if possible, a ballpark cost?

  2. the one that bbbochap posted is called calvi... i've got the 'cousin' - in rose shocking.

    pretty useful - holds x no. business cards - depending on the thickness of the cards.

    pic 1 - contain 21 cards on each side
    pic 2 - can close -but a bit bulky - good for events when u do need more cards
    pic 3 - perfect with a total of 14x2 cards on each side.
    DSC00083.JPG DSC00084.JPG DSC00085.JPG
  3. oh for chevre mysore - it is around USD 320 in 2007.
  4. No pic, but I love using my Clarisse PM as a business card holder. Mine is in black chevre mysore. I like that the cards are completely enclosed and don't get dirty. I also keep my driver's license and gym id in the outside pocket for convenience. In fact, I also keep my credit cards in it and it is my only wallet. I keep my cash in a money clip.
  5. gem -- you are so cute with TPF on your laptop screen as you take photos for TPF!
  6. I also have this one too (cyclamen epsom)!

    If you are so inclined, you can use one side for your own cards, and the other side for received cards.
  7. I just had a different model with interesting folds...
    I have to take some pics and will post here later :yes: !!!
  8. These photos are great!!!

    Thanks for posting - this looks exactly like what I'm looking for!

    (tPF is so educational!)
  9. fromparis - please post pictures!
  10. On the more affordable option the smallest agenda fits CCs exactly, you can also get a paper/address book insert to jot things down on.
  11. gem, tks for clarifying the name of the card holder. :biggrin:

    your rose shocking is very lovely too! :tup:

    i bought mine in dec 2007 - cherve mysore was priced approx USD285.
  12. In Penny's thread, she posted the name of the card holder as Dalvy. So should it be Calvi or Dalvy? :confused1:

    I just got mine this week for S$400 (about US$280).
  13. Here it Piaffe:flowers:

    Porte-Cartes Guernesey in Raisin Chèvre

    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 900x658 and weights 59KB.[​IMG]
    Open and in action ;)
    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 900x601 and weights 59KB.[​IMG]