Do You Have a Window in Your Office?

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  1. I have 2 large (waist to ceiling) windows in my office...and my computer is next to one of them.

    Honestly, I don't know what I ever did without them. I used to work in an interior office. Four desks, four people, in a very small room with no windows at all.

    Now, I love having a window. If my computer freezes, while I restart I can watch the traffic go by...or watch the snow fall.

    It's such a silly thing, but I wouldn't ever give it up!
  2. I used to sit in an open plan type of office, cube being divided by a tall divider. In my new job, I'm sharing an office with one other person and the window is on my right. I love it when it rains...
  3. Our building is rectangular shaped with a hallway running through the middle. Every desk has at least one side facing floor to ceiling lenght windows. Unfortunately, I sit closer towards the hallway so I can't look at traffic =(
  4. I love my window. I have a balcony too. The only bad thing is every time I here a siren or a crash I have to run to the window and look like a little kid. :shame:
  5. LOL i don't even have an office. i have a cube with a door though!! :yes:

    space is so limited here...even our IT Security manager has a cube!
  6. Since I work from my home office we have a big window from floor to almost ceiling. Most of it is covered by blinds because the sun shining in creates a horrible glare. It is nice to have natural light shining through though. I used to work in a cubicle and didn't get to much natural light. I honestly think it affects your mood and productivity.
  7. NO! I have a small interior office. I get so bored! I don't have windows or see anyone all day. It's kinda lonely! Something to remember while I am job searching...
  8. No. I love having an office, but I do wish I had a window. It's a small box, but it's my box :P
  9. Yes, I do. Two larger floor to ceiling windows. Sadly, they're the only redeeming thing about my office. Our entire unit is old and falling apart. We have a roach problem in our kitchen. Don't know why I'm sharing this!

    My office at my previous workplace was an interior room with fluorescent lighting. The bulbs were slowly burning out, and one day I went in and the lights wouldn't turn on at all. I had to borrow a lamp from the receptionist's desk so I wouldn't be sitting in the dark. I felt like a bear in a cave. It was slightly entertaining.

    Anyway, I can't imagine not have natural light in my office.
  10. I have an office with no windows..I do wish I had one though...sometimes I feel trapped,lol.
  11. I love my window! Unfortunately our cubes are situated so I get a view of a pillar and half the window, but I couldn't do without my window. It definitely encourages my two year old side though as I get hyper for snow and thunderstorms and become oddly fascinated by people in the offices across the street (there's a naked guy directly across from my window...I can't help but look!).
  12. my whole building is glass ;)

    since i sit at the front desk I have an awesome view of the cable cars on california street, and to the side of me i have a park.
  13. I have a window that takes up half the wall. It's so nice. Before I had no window. I don't know what I would do without it.
  14. I have a wall that is basically a window, but I keep the blinds shut over it. My office sits so the sun glares in all the time and the a/c does not work in my office either (only mine in the entire office) so the window adds a ton of heat to the already hot space. It only overlooks a parking garage and street anyway, so no view to speak of!
  15. No window...I miss sunlight.