Do you have a white Hailey bag?

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  1. I just recently bought a white Hailey. I was kinda hesitated to keep it or return it because of the colour. However, I finally remove the tag and used it for the first time today. Now, I have a concern that is it easy to get dirt on bag? Do you have the same bag as I do, or any white leather bag, what's your experience? How do you clean your bag? I will have a short trip coming up, should I bring this bag with me?
  2. I don't have a white Hailey or any Hailey but are you referring to the Op Art fabric Hailey or leather Hailey? If it's a leather Hailey, then you can clean, moisturize and stain/rain guard using Apple leather products :biggrin:
  3. Oops.. I didn't mention that was a leather one. The instruction said don't clean it with their cleaner but wipe it with a damp cloth.
  4. I have the bone Hailey, which is off-white. I almost got the parchment/white one, but they were just too similar. I used Apple on my Hailey, and she's holding up great. I have lots of other white leather Coach bags, I've used Apple on all of them and they all still look great ... if they do get a bit dirty I can usually clean them right up with Apple conditioner and a clean cloth. I am a bit careful with all my bags and don't carry them places where they may get really dirty.

    BTW, Hailey is a great bag, congrats!
  5. I have a parchment Hailey. I have not used her yet (waiting for December) but I plan on doing like toby11 up there and using Apple on her. Hopefully I won't get her dirty at all.

    Isn't the pink lining awesome? Sorry, just had to say that. LOL!