DO you have a Whistle Bag?

  1. I'm intrigued. Is the leather the same as the "city" style bags? Or are they more structured? Can you tell me about it?
  2. I just bought one in rouge vif yesterday and the leather is like butter. The bottom has some support to keep it flat (I have the small whistle) but the leather is very thick and smoosy, I love it! here's a pic
  3. Cracker! That is drop-dead gorgeous! I didn't know the whistle bags came in rouge vif. Its fabulous.
  4. I bought a limited edition (large) whistle in December and absolutely love it! The leather is lambskin with ostrich detailing. I feel like it's probably more similar to the twiggy in shape (but larger) and when you open it up it expands much more than the twiggy. I don't know what kind of leather the regular whistles come in but when I saw them in the store they all looked beautiful and very well structured. I posted some estra pics on 2 previous posts from Wed. Maybe you can search my username? (Sorry I'm kinda new at this - don't know how to link those posts). Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks! I fell in love with the leather and I had to have it! Unfortunately, it's a little too small for me so I just bought erica's rouge vif twiggy!!!! I've got 3 kids, so the small whistle isn't going to be practical. I'm either going to return it back to NM's or sell it. I hoping my new twiggy's leather will compare to this one because the leather on the whistle is incredible!
  6. I had the black small whistle. The leather on these bags is superb - and they are easy to get into. I never zipped mine; but, just left the buckle "buckled", then I would just slide things in and out - this may seem like work - and maybe I am used to these kinds of tactics since I am a paddy owner.

    Anywho - I work from home, so imagine my surprise when the leather on the handles started cracking after taking the bag out of the house a handful of times.

    I returned the bag to Neimans due to this. It was a bit of a bummer; as it was a great bag, and it fit over my shoulder when I was wearing a light leather jacket, which was a huge plus in my book.
  7. I love these bags!