Do You Have a Webcam ?

  1. Do you use a Webcam ?
  2. I have a built in one in my new Mac Laptop... and i have a Logitech one for my PC :yes:
  3. ^^^ New Mac ?! Augh, I'm burning with jealousy ! :biggrin:

    I have an el cheapo Logitech one.
  4. I bought an one hundred dollar webcam over a year ago and I wish I would have bought a cheaper one because it would have done the same thing.
  5. nope!
  6. i have it but dont use it..
  7. You bet!
  8. nope!
  9. nope
  10. yeeup. my husband and I have been "skyping" while he is away.
  11. Yes, but I only use it for special occasions, like when I'm talking to my family.
  12. :yes:
  13. no. misuse by people in highschool totally turned me off them. :smile:
  14. Do you have a Macbook Pro?! 15 or 17 inch?
    I have the 17 inch and I absolutely love it, it's way better than the old PowerBook.:biggrin:
  15. me too
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