Do you have a weakness for a certain color

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  1. My current weakness is for bags is every shade of of brown - tan, toast, camel, chestnut, saddle, bourbon and cognac.

    I see this color as being perfect for my really casual dress style. I am in jeans almost every single day. I like and have bags in black and navy but brown definitely dominates.

    Are you drawn to a certain color over others? Peggy
  2. The same here, I loooooooove brown bags! But I don't buy them :P coz I try to have a variety... That's different w/ shoes, I can't resist when I see white shoes :shame:
  3. I loooooove taupe/camel and white/ivory colored bags. I recently bought a taupe paddington and I'm currently eyeing a white 06 medium city balenciaga.
  4. Funny, I'm on a brown kick lately too! I've got brown hair/brown eyes, so I've always liked that color. Just a couple of years ago, it was hard to find a nice brown bag; everything was black. Now brown is really in, which I think is great!

    I'd say greens and red/burgundys would have to be my second and third fav choices...
  5. I wear more brown, and I am obsessed with brown bags also.
  6. I would love a turquoise bag. If only LV made one!!
  7. For me it's red bags! I have 4 and keep yearning for more...
  8. <homerSimpson>Purrrrrple. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrple (drool) </homerSimpson>

    Yeah, purple. Also plum, violet, eggplant, lavender, lilac, and all variations thereof. If I could just get an LV Suhali bag in Plum and the new Chanel classic flap in violet, I would be a truly happy woman.
  9. For me it's FUCHSIA!!! It's got to be shades of pink or fuchsia, but NO corals, purple, or peach:yes:
  10. Browns and Burgundies are my weakness this fall.
  11. I have OCD when it comes to black bags. It's getting really bad, too. Seriously -- I have 17 black bags. I have only one other bag that's not black (it's brown) and I have never used it. I can't bring myself to carry anything but black. I see people carrying really pretty colored bags and I think it looks great but I just can't do it.
  12. Blue is my color weakness. I have a lot of blue colored purses, jewelry, etc.
  13. EXACT same here! Brown is my favorite color and any shade of brown or tan I just want immediately! Lately I've also been drawn to green -- kelly green, olive green, etc. (sigh). Later on I think I might start going crazy for dark red, maroon, burgundy, auburn, etc. colors too.
  14. I'm drawn to reds, blues, and pinks. :heart:
  15. i am attracted to all shades for red and most shades of brown.
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