Do you have a temper?

  1. I do :yes:.

    My mom and boyfriend tell me I have the worst temper they've ever seen in a human being. And they're absolutely right. There are hot-tempered people, who get angry easily but only let it last a short while. And there are bad-tempered people, who get angry easily and stay angry for a very long time.

    Guess which one I am :P.

    Unfortunately, I'm unreasonably short- and bad-tempered. I get irritable extremely easily :sad:. The smallest things, such as too-hot weather, waiting in line anywhere, and scraping my elbow on the doorframe, are enough to send me into a rage. And when I'm in one of those moods, my boyfriend says that I swear more than any guy he knows, and I'll be calling everyone the worst names I can think of :angel:.

    Example: When I was 15, my brother, who was then 10, borrowed one of my books. When he returned it, the back cover had been partly torn off. I shouted at him for not taking care of my book, and when he acted like he didn't really care, I slapped him across the face so hard that I bruised his cheek and he bawled his eyes out to high heaven.

    I have tried to control my temper, but lately it's been on an even shorter line than usual, and it's awful :cry:. I'm grumpy every second of the day, and my boyfriend puts up with it like a warrior :lol:.
  2. I tend to think of myself as a relatively patient person...with children at least. I've got a short fuse when I'm driving. If you're not moving by 3 seconds after the light turns green, I'll honk at you and be ticked off at you until you get out of my way :smile:

    I get annoyed/ticked off at people who think that they know everything. ...This mainly tends to be with my great aunt.
  3. I've definitely learned in the past few years to curb my temper. You end up shooting yourself in the foot and losing out on a lot in life if you let a temper get the best of you. However, there are times when i let it fly!
    A temper can sometimes be a good thing, it's just in the way you use it! The less you use it, the more powerful it becomes.
    I have friends that are just not capable of being over the top assertive- yelling, insisting on their way. I have seen these passive people pass up a lot of opportunities in life.
  4. Of course I think everyone has a temper. It might not come out as easily & mean as all others. But, yes I definanetly do. I try to not get so worked up so easily but it's kind of hard when you're being egged on.
  5. Cheer up, Yeux. It gets better with age! I used to have a nasty temper when I was your age, but maturity and motherhood chilled me out big time. I think as you get older (and also when you have kids) you learn to choose your battles wisely. As a result you find it less "necessary" to blow your top.

    These days it takes a lot to REALLY set me off, but when something does: RUN AND HIDE! :hysteric:
  6. Yeuxhonnetes, that is bad!!!!

    I used to have that temper like that a long time ago, like when I was 18 but i realized that to be absolutely nonchalant is total happiness! I learned that it's harder to let things go and easier to hold a grudge.. but it's a total waste of time and energy to have a grudge over things that ultimately don't matter.
  7. I'm not gonna lie, I've got a really bad one. No more needs to be said. You all have never seen it thank goodness. It comes out more when you do me wrong (or dirty as I say in normal life).
  8. I'm 28 and have both types of tempers (depending on the situation)...but little things like not being able to find something will send me into a rage too.
    My Dad has a horrible temper too and we used to go off on each other all the Mom & brother used to leave the house when our tempers would flare.
    Oftentimes my temper gets reallllly bad during PMS time :smile: Hubby flat out avoids me during those couple days lol
  9. i'm like that too :lol:. i get impatient when i'm driving, and yes, i get honk-happy on the road too, especially when people zoom round corners without slowing down or not moving at the green light.

    and i hate that my relatives act like they know everything too :mad:
  10. I don't think I have a bad or hot temper per se but I get extremely irritable easily as well! I'm just like a baby actually: if I'm hungry, hot or tired/sleepy then I'm super cranky! Especially if I'm hungry - then you better get out of my way!!!!!

    Sandra, I bet your boyfriend knows better than to say you're PMSing! Or you might smack his Viktor across his face! LOL!!!
  11. I don't think I have a bad temper but just that I get annoyed easily, especially when I'm stress. But whenever I have exams, my friends all know to stay as far away from me as possible. :lol:
  12. I do not get mad easily, but I can get annoyed easily. However it usually only lasts a minute. I do sometimes fall into a mini-rage when I pour myself a bowl of cereal and there is no (Soy) milk! lol oh yeah! That applies to making Kraft dinner, and not realizing the Soy milk is gone also! *nods
  13. its all gravy, yeukhonnetes. i can have a horrible temper too, lately. noone has ever told me that before, but my boyfriend says i can get so moody! hehe. its mostly things he says that will set me off and put me in a damper for, like, an hour. or its also when i'm really bored. i get so *****y when i have nothing to do because i'm ADD and super ansy! grr.. how hard is it to get off your ass and do something, right? its so simple to NOT put me in a bad mood but sometimes people just dont get it.. haha. but then sometimes, i get really lazy too and dont wanna do anything.. mwaha.. girls are SUPPOSED to be complicated tho.

    on the flip side, i am SUPER patient with children and coworkers. i have all the patience in the world (hense my profession with special needs children coming up in january?) when it comes to children. its ppl im COMFORTABLE with that can set me off easy, because i dont care if they know im pissed off.

    ok, rant est fini.
  14. I used to have a really bad temper when I was younger. Really bad. No one could stand me. (WEll, luckily for me, hubby could). Anyway, with age comes wisdom. Now, I know better how to handle these situations. I still feel that initial "rage" but now I will handle myself more professionally. I will speak to whoever is pi**ing me off, with the most intelligent words I can muster, then tell them that I EXPECT them to do the right thing. Also, I call people on lots of things now that I wouldn't have when I was younger....cause I just didn't KNOW that you could do that!

    I still have my moments though.
  15. YES! I have a very bad temper ~ french and english how could I not?

    I am better than I used to be though, but still have a short fuse.