Do you have a tatoo?

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  1. what does your tatoo symbolize? How did you decide to have a tatoo and how did you decide what tatoo you wanted?
  2. I just got my first tattoo last month. It's a Chinese character that says "courage", on my right shoulder. It was a great experience and now I want another, possibly a Chinese dragon.
  3. Not really into tats. All my friends have them. I would never get one.
  4. Why. yes! I have 4 actually. My first one I got in San Diego in '97 when I was 34; my husband (at the time) and I had come to a parting of the ways and I was getting ready to leave CA to come back East, and he'd always "forbidden" me to get a tat (he was and maybe still is the ultimate control freak) so I decided what the heck. It's a sort of dragon/fish on my right upper back and under it is the Chinese symbol for "lucky'. I picked it from the "flash" on the wall because it is ferocious-looking yet graceful, and I'd never seen anyone else with a tat like it. Then my next three were just because tattoos are addictive--just like bags! lol. But I have stuck with the dragon theme. I would still like to get one more....none of them are readily visible BTW except the one on my left calf.
  5. I just got my tattoo after breaking up with my husband/control freak too. And I love dragons, and yes they are addictive. Show some pics if possible, I'd love to see them.
  6. oh yes please show pics if possible.:smile:
  7. Can't right now, I'm at work! Maybe when I get home.
Thread Status:
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