Do you have a "symbol" that you identify with?

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  1. I'm just curious, do any of you happen to have a specific "symbol" (like a star, the moon, son, etc) that you feel you strongly identify with? If you do, why do you think you have chosen to identify with it or connect with it?
  2. i was just thinking about this...i am obsessed with the rabbits (artwork ect not actual live rabbits, though they're so cute)...i was just trying to find info online on what they represent..its very weird
  3. Not really. But for necklace pendants, for some reason I like wearing hearts. I just like the shape I guess.

    P.S. Your avatar is nice to look at.
  4. Stars. Have always been drawn to them. I have one tattoed on my back.
  5. I dont know if I "identify" with anything, but I like hearts... Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, everything.
  6. I've always been drawn to stars. I have no idea why I love them.