do you have a suhali bag?

  1. I am interested in this line -- esp. after all this talk about the plum le fab! -- but I don't really know much about it, and I haven't really seen any of them in person. Does anyone have any photos of themselves modeling their suhali bags? I'd love to get an idea of how they look on, and also of the different colors everyone has. I love the blue and the plum. I am particularly interested in the l'affriolant -- I think I like the roundedness of it, rather than the squareness of a lot of the other bags -- but I'd love to see any of your photos. thanks!
  2. You can see LV-addict's and Sandra's suhalis in the new sticky-visual aids:yes:.
  3. Here is me with my blue Le Fab:love:
  4. Thank you so much ladies!! your bags are gorgeous!!