Do you have a stationery (pen) case in your H bag?

  1. I am sure it's everyone's nightmare to see ink stains inside your H bag. So you must have a small case just for your pens then? What do you use? Is there anything from H that holds just one or two pens?
  2. I think they have one like a pencil case and it was discussed here. Otherwise, I tend to just throw them in their own cases (or not) and hope for the best.
  3. they have a pencase,i think only for 1 pen...i found those cases a bit unpractical,f.e. i got calls during i am shopping and i need to make a note,it takes time to get the pen out from the case.i use a pen from montblanc which i screw together,they said in the shop this is totally ink-safe...i hope the best...
  4. i have a full sizemontblanc(starwalker) clipped onto a mini moleskine pad, and i have a mini mont blanc clipped onto my mini Hermes pad& Hermes holder.
    then i have a tiffany blue 1837 purse pen inside my wallet.
    I am always writing something!!!!!
    i msut get to work !!!
    i do not have a laptop...but i have anew picotin sheeesh!!!!
  5. there's one with a zipper on it that you can even use to hold dollar bills! that i want too, after the KARO!
  6. the only pen i use in my birkin is the pen that comes in the vision wallet, it secures the agends and is covered quite securely
  7. I am very bad with my bags as long as there is a lid on the pen i pop it in.....i turned down a karo at the wkend as i wasnt mad about the colour am waiting for a zipped vision that can store a pen in it too !:smile:
  8. This sounds like what I would like.
  9. I think there is this cute thing with a snap that I saw the piccola - I sure wish I had a picture - it costs about $450 or so and I tried it for small makeup case - holds lipstick, lipliner, the mirror half of those business class airline brush things and a small comb. The SA said it was for pens (would hold a couple I think). I didn't buy it because not sure what color I want yet.
  10. I bought this pencase at the sample sale. I love it! it holds 2 pens easily and it's easier to find in my bag than a pen.

    hopefully this photo attachment will work
  11. I love that one, the color, the leather...:P , and to answer the original question, Yes, I have a zippered one.:flowers:
  12. ^^ avandome, I really need to get something to prevent ink stains inside my Birkins. I have been lucky so far in not getting any inside, but I may NOT be always this fortunate.

    Please post a picture of your zipped case, so I know what to look for when I visit the store next.
  13. I use a cross pencil instead of a pen because I'd be too afraid to put a pen in my bag. :shame: I have it in its own case and then in the pocket of my purseket. I'd love to get the piccolo or similiar for lipgloss/pencil/etc. :yes:
  14. avandome, I got the case today. Same as yours, but in orange.
  15. Congrats, mrsS! Yours is the zippered one? Could you pls share a pic? I was hoping avan would post a pic but forgot all about this thread until now. Are the zippered ones in chevre?