Do you have a Shrink ?

  1. Hey just wondering if any girls here go to a Shrink (either psychiatrist or psychologist). I went to one a few years ago and thinking of going back for a "tune up". I just need to find one that fits my personality type.
  2. I have a therapist, the "real" shrinks around here are pill pushers. I haven't seen him lately, but I am assured in the knowledge he's just a phone call away.

    It's great, even for all I think I know about everything, it's good to get someone else's views. Without the emotional attachements.

    I wish you luck in finding the one who suits you. I'd been to a lot when I was dealing with the depression so badly, and it took me some time to find the one I have now. But well-worth the wait.

    Oh, and he's cute too. REAL easy on the eyes. :p
  3. Nope, I don't have one.

    When I still lived in the states I did go to see one because of PTSD due to a situation that happened to me and my family in March 2005. It really helped! :smile:
  4. No, and I'm scared off of shrinks after my friend racked up a huge medical bill thanks to her therapist and is still as batty as ever! Poor girl.
  5. Yes, I see a psychologist (not a psychiatrist). I started doing this late summer last year after all the sh*t that happened with me:

    - broke up with BF (verbally/emotionally abusive relationship)
    - lost job 3 weeks later
    - Mom had breast cancer and later a mastectomy
    - Dad's prostate cancer came back = more surgery
    - My own personal gyno drama
    - Weight gain and feeling like poo poo (stress related)
    - just kinda feeling like a lowlife loser and drifting just after turning 40...I thought 40 was supposed to be fabulous! Two week outta the starting blocks, it wasn't. But, I haven't given up faith!!

    So....since last summer I've found a new job, new man and am getting back on my feet but I still am seeing the therapist. It's been a great way for me to keep grounded and on track with my personal healing. I am not one for seeing a shrink in hopes to get antidepressants or other meds...rather I like the idea of verbal shrink sessions combined with exercise and vitamins. JMHO.
  6. I see a psychologist every other week. I think it's great to talk to someone that doesn't know me outside of her office. She listens and gives me her take on things like no one else can. I feel so much better since I have started talking to her and I don't feel like I am dumping my concerns on my friends and family all the time.
  7. I love psychologists too ! I found that it really helped but for some reason I stopped going and went on Anti-Depressants instead. Now i want to go back because I love learning more about myself and they help you stay positive too.

    Psychiatrists are good too but some don't have the cognitive and behavioural techniques to help you combat your negative thinking patterns or what not. Psychodynamic therapy is much slower (and consequently more expensive) than CBT ! I should know because I've seen both a psychiatrist and psychologist. Also just because you see one doesn't mean you're nuts ! They are so helpful even when you're healthy just to have a chat to someone.
  8. I started seeing a psychologist 2 years ago while I was experiencing depression. To me it was the only way out. Basically all the crap and emptiness in my upbringing and childhood were coming right back at me !
    I´m pretty open about it.
    I am not even calculating the total bill...(158$ /h) but I need it.
    So I have managed to "separate" from my mother (toxic) and broke up with my BF...tough but necessary.
    I think it´s good to be able to talk to someone, we need to look after ourselves ! (and I moan a lot less to my friends)
  9. As someone training to be a psychologist, I just wanted to say i'd prefer not to be called a 'shrink'.

    It's a bit offensive if you trace it back to its origin.
  10. ^Really, how come? Im not being facetious, I ask out of genuine curiosity.
  11. Nono it's ok, I don't think many people know, I think that's why people say it all the time. It used to only refer to psychologists but now it can refer to anyone who works in the field of psycho-something.

    It came from the word 'headshrink'. It compares the methods of a psychologist/psychiatrist to um... I don't know how to explain it. Primitive tribes used to shrink the heads of enemies for some reason... I don't know why but here is the link to it on wikipedia: Back in the day, not many people understand what psychologists do exactly, so they compared it to sorcery or that sort of thing. Even today some people seem to think I can 'read their mind'. As if I can.

    A few of us find it offensive because we are not trying to 'shrink your head', or manipulate you in any way, or anything like that. And we cannot do anything 'amazing' and 'sorcery' like read your mind, i'm a psychologist, not a psychic. I also hate it when I'm trying to help someone who was very obviously forced into therapy by their parents or whatever, so they're uncooperative, they think i'm trying to 'manipulate' them, when i'm genuinely trying to help. That frustrates me the most.

    I don't think all of us are offended by the term 'shrink' though. It's just the only time I was called a shrink was by this kid who didn't want my help and was convinced I was trying to 'manipulate' him when I was trying to help. It's very annoying.
  12. I'm finishing grad school to be a psychologist as well- I recommend seeing one- even from a personal perspective- I love mine!
  13. I feel the same way! I love the fact that my psychatrist is pretty open with appointments, because I used to always rant to my friends and I felt like it was detracting from our friendship. I still talk to my friends/family about my problems, but the psychatrist definitely helps by providing a neutral party to my situations. AND, it doesn't cause as much as a strain on my friendships/relationships.

    I used to feel embarrassed about going to see a psychiatrist and kept it a secret... now I don't really care who knows. I don't go around saying it, but if someone asks, I will tell the truth. Not as much negative stigma around it these days as there was before. In fact, I do actually suggest to some people that they should think about finding one.

    Best part is, in BC it's covered by our medical plan.
  14. I am a trained counsellor myself but with all going on in my life at the minute I think I need to see someone! However, with all of my own knowledge it is hard to find a good one, I am quite judgemental about the whole thing! I have all the theory & can help others just need someone very good to help me put it into action :smile: & haven't found that person yet!
    Not into taking pills at all, no way, no how!!!! I believe in getting to the root cause of the problem not masking it in a haze, not to mention side effects of pills, they've all got them!
  15. So glad things looking better for you Pursegrrl :heart: