Do you have a shopping "wingman"?????

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  1. My roommate and I serve as wingwomen for each other, but in different ways. I keep my eyes out for things that she'd like and for good deals because she loves *having* the perfect bag or coat or jeans, but doesn't like *shopping* for them (she's one of those girls, who somehow don't like shopping!) For me, she serves as the "decoy" when I want to go examine something in a store without the SA's breathing down my neck. I'm shy; they fluster me and I can't make decisions under the pressure! She's coming to Bloomies with me tonight so I can shop for a new wallet. I'll get the SA to take it out of the case for me, and then Cait will strike up a conversation so I can check it out in peace.

    Stores probably suspect that we're shoplifters. :P