Do you have a shopping "wingman"?????

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  1. Lol, we should have a seeking a shopping wingwoman thread in TPF. I wish I had one!! Ideally I'd love someone who was into fashion, not judgemental about designer things, but also able to enjoy a bargain/vintage store. When I'm back home my sister and I shop together. She doesn't buy as much as me, so I'm definitely her designer bag wingwoman! She always also calls me on big purchases.
  2. I shop best when I'm alone! when I shop with friend or even my mom I always buy something that stays unworn in my closet like forever. . .
  3. My boyfriend. I can't buy anything without getting his opinion I'll go crazy deciding if I should get it or not! oh and grandma too sometimes!
  4. Yes, I need some one to talk me out of certian purchases, so I'll usually call my friend Caprice or Geeta. I do my best shopping when I have head phones in and am focused!
  5. None of my friends understand my bag addiction so I'm on my own. I really wish I had a sister who could share these girly things with :sad: As it is, my wingman would have to be tPF ;)
  6. My BFF is my shopping wingwoman, but at the moment we live in separate parts of the country :sad:. She and her BF plan on moving out to where me and my DH live. I can't wait as we only get to have shopping excursions when we visit each other or over the phone (we will shop online together). I have had a fair amount of shopping buddies (some good, some not), but my BFF has by far been my best wingwoman. We like the same stores, but have different styles (I don't like shopping with a copycat), and will call each other out when the potential purchase is not complimentary or too expensive. I'd rather shop alone than shop with someone who excessively judges my purchases and complains they are done for the day after a half hour of shopping (I have had those shopping buddies and they are a buzz kill, I don't understand why they agree to go if they are going to act that way).
  7. Actually I have 3 persons that are my ''wingman'' my mom who is the one who showed me how to shop for deals, my bf who is really honest and brings out my girly side in fashion and my boyfriend, because even for a guy, he show me things that I wouldn't pick by myself.
  8. I have forever been a solo shopper until I met my current shopping "wingman"! It is so much fun having a friend who likes to shop at the same stores I do. Plus I can be crazy indecisive at times and it's nice to have a second opinion :smile:
  9. My wingwomen is my two sisters and my mom!
    we go shopping all the time together!!

    I hate shopping without them and it is always so hard to make decisions without them. (good thing on times like that it is only a phone call away)

    and the best part we are all about the same size so we always get each other things that we know we would like!!
  10. me too!! If I got with a friend or the BF, all I hear are complaints and impatience or disagreement on style and if I just shop alone but these days I do most of my shopping online anyways :P
  11. I do best when shopping alone but remember a coworker who had the same style as myself. We would show up looking very similar in our outfits to work... she would have made a great "wingman" (term is new to me)... but then, it's hard to give up outfits we'd like for ourselves LOL
  12. I wouldnt say that I have a wingman, but i have found a group of friends that really get my style and shopping "tHeory". We all end up getting the same things and really dont mind it at all.
  13. Unfortunately not. :sad: As I have a significantly bigger budget than all of my closest friends, I try to avoid going shopping with them so that there's no awkwardness. I prefer to shop alone anyway--I don't feel bad taking my time and browsing that way.
  14. I love this!..and would love to have a sis to do this awesome for you two..;)
    Unfortunately,I don't have a wingman...I like to shop alone at times, but it would be nice to have the option.
    Like others, tPF is my "wingman":biggrin:
  15. same as me sadly, except my best friend but she lives too far away