Do you have a shopping "wingman"?????

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  1. Years ago, I had a wingman, but she moved away. This is better for my bank account as I used to buy lots of things I didn't really want, just because she enabled me. Now that I am older and wiser, I prefer to shop alone. No need for anyone else to know what I spend on purses........and no need to catch any grief over it either!
  2. My mom and my godmother have been my wingmen, and when my grandma was alive, she was also mine.

    My mom is a total enabler- like today, she took me to get new bras (I went down 2 band sizes!:woohoo: ), and she was getting me 4 of them, and she made a comment like "I'm spending $100 on bras", and then she found more cute ones for me, lol! We're going upstate to the Woodbury outlets soon, I can't wait! And a shopping trip to my fave stores in NYC is also happening that week, so that shall be fun!
  3. One of my best friends (you know who you are) is my shopping partner in crime.
    I always drag her along whenever I feel like buying something which is like every weekend LOL.

    She's got good fashion taste, she's honest (if an item looks crap on me, she will say so, no matter how expensive it is/how much I like it) and she's the kind of person that can think well ahead of time in term of fashion (just because a pair of rainbow coloured knitted gloves look cute in the shop, it doesn't mean that it will go with the rest of my wardrobe and I'll still like it 3 months from now).

    I've been going shopping with her for around 4 years now that I know every single item in her wardrobe and she knows mine.
  4. I always go shopping with my bff, he has a very good fashion sense and loves to shop as much as me. He is very good at giving me advice on what will or will not look good at me. So we are a very good combo together! Although I do like to tell him sometimes that he is bad for my bank account. :smile:
  5. I just moved to Greensboro and I dont know anyone here. So I shop by my self. Sometimes I would like a second opinion but I dont mind to much being alone.
  6. My "wingman" used to be my Mom, but as she has gotten older, she hasn't kept with the times. She still thinks that white is not OK after labor day and that sequins on jeans are cute. She doesn't know the difference between daywear, cocktail, evening, and partying.
    My new shopping buddy is a good friend. We have totally different tastes but are so honest with each other about what looks good or bad.
  7. Used to be my SO for the last 7 years.
    Now my 4 sisters, atleast one is always with me while shopping if not all.
  8. My SO and my mom.
    My SO's specialty is shoes, bags, and accessories and my Mom's is clothing.
  9. love it
  10. My mom is my shopping wingman... but not in the terms that if we spot out stuff each other would like. She's there to tell me if she thinks it flatters me or not!! Mommy knows best, lol! :P
  11. I love shopping with my Mom also, and wish she lived closer.

    Archne....I hope you find someone soon!
  12. My Mom and a friend. My mom is always picking up things for me. My friend always tells me about special sales and such. I'm so busy with work that I don't have alot of time to get out to the stores but I know those two will always have my shopping back.
  13. I wish I had one. I really wanted to shop with my sister when she returned to the US recently, but she won't have time before classes start. :sad: We once went on a big spree in New York and it was so much fun. I really miss that.
  14. My teenaged daughter is my wingman! She has a good eye for clothes appropriate for mom, making sure I don't come out looking like grandma. I do pretty well shopping for her, making sure not to buy anything from forbidden stores :P
  15. definitely my sister! she always helps me find things i would never would think looked right on me, but turn out to be fabulous. :yes: