Do you have a shopping "wingman"?????

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  1. #31 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    :heart:MY HUSBAND!:heart: Yeah, he is the manliest man I've ever known & though he admits he's not good giving an opinion on handbags he goes clothes/shoe shopping with me & helps choose what he thinks would look good on me. He has me model for him & then gives his perspective on it. He really knows what looks good on his wife, he's pulled dresses/shoes/shirts for me that I would've just passed by without a 2nd look but after trying them on at his request I find that he was right & those peices usually end up being my favorite/most worn peices! He enjoys taking me out "all dolled up" & loves taking credit for finding an item that I get complimented on!:smooch:
  2. my wingman is indeed, a man! My bff is such a fashion snob, i can't imagine shopping with anybody else. He tells me straight up if it would work or not, and steers me away from wasteful spending.
  3. No I dont. I wish I did..
  4. Wish I could help you out Bay^^^^!!!
  5. my sister and i are great shopping together. we don't balk at prices (or judge because of them) like our friends do, but we don't go nuts and buy everything in sight either. we live far away from each other, so we shop a lot when we're together 2-3 times a year. other than that, we're always emailing each other items, prices, sales, etc. i love her!

    my SO is great for shopping. he's patient and honest. he's better with me than i am with him.

    i sort of consider tpf's deals & steals my shopping wingman! how else would i know about SO MANY amazing sales?!
  6. No wingman for me! I actually get frustrated shopping with others. I'm the kind of shopper who loves to spend the whole day out and about, several hours sifting through every rack at TJ Maxx, going to a dozen different places until I find exactly what I'm looking for, etc. No one could keep up with me! Also, I really don't like asking for opinions on what I'm buying, because I often find that my first instinct is correct, for me anyway. I think I have a unique style, and I can often spot something that will work for me, but that a friend would dismiss until they see how I've put it together with an outfit and accessories. And as much as I love, love my friends, I don't have the patience to follow them around a store! If I shop with a friend who wants my advice, I'm happy to do that, but I never feel like it's been a fulfilling shopping experience for myself. I hope I don't sound self-centered!:sad: I prefer to say that I have well developed independent shopping skills:smile:
  7. My MOM!
    I call her my shopping partner in crime!
  8. Kind of... I will call my SIL (and she calls me) when I come across a good sale. We live in the same area (2 different suburbs of a large city) but an hour away from each other; we will definitely pick up items for one another if we see a good bargain.
  9. I like either shopping alone or shopping with my woman family members. They are vicious :biggrin:
  10. I like to think I do most of my shopping on my own - on the internet, window shopping, etc. But when it came down to buying something I always had/have someone with me.

    Up through college, my shopping wingman was my little sister. I wouldn't get anything unless she was with me and could give me her opinion. But probably more so because we always got cookies from the cookie store in the mall no matter what.

    These days it's my fiance. He used to come with just to help carry bags, but he's picked up some keen fashion sense along the way. He helps me see the bigger picture... like, yes it looks nice, but will it just live in the closet? He even finds things I don't see or consider right away that turn out to be awesome deals.

    And I have to agree with bellafleur... I love my friends but omg I don't have the patience to follow them around... or have them follow me around!
  11. Nope and I don't want one. I don't like people to tell me how much $$ I should spend on something etc, I don't like to feel rushed- especially if the other person isn't shopping. So I go solo all the time.
  12. My mum! We always shop together.
  13. me too! and i love it and hate it at the same time. most of the time i like to shop alone, but sometimes it's nice to have someone there to ask opinions or just shop with.
  14. I wish I did. When I see ladies in the mall shopping together sometimes I get a little jealous. I have gotten so much in to the habit of going by myself (close girlfriends have moved away) that it doesn't bother me anymore. Actually now I prefer it
  15. Most of my friends have different fashion tastes than I do so the times we have shopped together we just end up fighting.