Do you have a shopping "wingman"?????

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  1. I forgot about my sister!

    She's a good wingman at bargain stores - but I won't take her when I do my more expensive item shopping... she can get a tiny bit judgy on some high priced designer pieces.

    I also forgot about my roommate - I've only been shopping with her a few times, but she gets me to try colors and patterns I would never have tried before - having that friend who pushes you a bit is good as well!

    I'm lucky - I have quite a few enablers - ahem - wingshoppers!
  2. My mom is my wingman because she has a sales six sense and can always find the best deals. I never buy anything without getting her opinion
  3. Sister Long Distance Wingman
  4. Same here
  5. I used to but she moved to another country :sad: hmmm maybe she can buy stuff for me Internationally haha
  6. I know! Luckily, I know all the SAs at the coach outlet so they enable me plenty!!! Although my favorite SA got a new job and moved away! Sad day!
  7. i love reading all these cute stories about people's wingmen. i wish i had one!

    i have to say that i like to shop alone best, though, for maximum efficiency. also maybe i don't really want a wingman since i enable myself plenty already. :graucho:
  8. My Best Friend and my Husband. Sometimes I think he is worse then me!

    When my daughter grows up, they will have to stay at home so I can actually only buy what we need at the store!
  9. My mom. I always trust her opinion and I love finding great stuff for her. Plus, she's great conversation and a pathological enabler.
  10. My mom, I don't trust anyone else's opinion. If she says no, I automattically put it back.
  11. I have a very few friends I can shop with and vice versa. I have one friend who I call "The Enabler." She and I shop together whenever we just want to justify the purchasing decisions, lol. I have another friend who is the "honest" friend and will tell me when things don't look good on me, when a price is too high, etc. I have other friends that I love dearly but with whom I NEVER shop.
  12. I wish. None of my friends are really into "girly" stuff like me :P

    So when I do go shopping they are either very judgemental about the price or just not into the same styles as me. Or some other issues will arise. I love shopping alone now.
  13. I do shop along most of the time, but my friend Jenny will always keep her eye out for me and vice versa! If I am thrifting and see something she would love, I will just call her and tell her, "You owe me $6.00", or whatever the price is! So sometimes she is shopping and doesn't even know it!!
  14. Mine is my wife. Somebody has to be sensible to keep us from going broke.

    She has total control as I would buy everything she tries on that looks good where she will only buy a few. I just couldnt resist if it were up to me. The funny thing is when it comes to buying clothes for my self we are just the opposite...I hardly buy anything for me and she encourages me to buy more. I just have so much more fun shopping for her...I guess womens clothes are just have so much more variety,fasionable and exciting then guy clothes.
  15. No wingman, I shop by myself. None of my friends understand my obsession with high fashion and I never share prices with them, otherwise I'd never hear the end of it.:shrugs: Pathetic as it may seem, I'm use to it now, but it would be great to have a friend that shared that interest too. And this is the reason why I love TPF!