Do you have a shopping "wingman"?????

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  1. So I feel so lucky, because my BF Jenny (she is a new member here), is my shopping "wingman"....and I am hers! We are always looking out for items the other may like, and I will purchase things for her when I see something in my thrifting adventures. I am pretty much tied to my job, so she will pick things up for me.

    Example: I saw a pair of pants yesterday that I wish I had bought. I was telling her about them, and mentioned that I didn't know when I would be able to go back and get them. She said that she would pick them up for me today, so I don't miss out!

    It is truly wonderful to have someone that understands my shopping "habits", and I hers. If there is just one problem, it would be that we are the same size with the same we are always coveting the others finds!!!

    Do you have anyone that has "got your back"?????
  2. Kind of. I usually snap pics of something and send to her, I don't usually go with anyone.
  3. My sister.
    We've been shopping together since that 2 bucks a week allowance for vacuuming, dusting, doing the dishes, started burning a hole in our pockets 30+ years ago.

    It feels weird if I go the mall without her, and I usually end up calling her from the mall if she's not there with me.

    We totally enable each other.
    It's wonderful!
  4. That is so nice!^^^ I hope my daughters are good to each other as they grow older!

    My Mom is my lifelong "wingman". She is the one who taught me to thrift shop and always look for a bargain. And she is great at enabling!!!!

    Ame....I also rarely shop with someone else....but nice to have someone to bounce ideas off!
  5. I usually get talked into stuff no matter who is with me. If I text a photo to someone for opinions, one of two folks, I do a lot better and get talked back out of things easier hah!
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    My DH total enabler with handbags showing me the latest styles advising me to buy while shopping.

    My mother-in-law she always purchases clothes and housewares for my family she has excellent taste. I always purchase her crystal items she loves. Wingman

    Oh yeah my sister always attending live auctions she has purchased me a few items.
    I'm always buying her dresses and suits. Long Distance Wigman
  7. I do my dirt all by my lonely...
  8. I used to!!! My best friend and I used to spend most of our free time shopping together and enabling/advising each other. But then, I moved to CO and she still lives in WI; additionally, I am now plus sized and she's like... a size 4 and she just doesn't get that I can't shop at the same stores as her lol
  9. MZbag...lucky girl to have a DH enabler!!! made ma LOL!!! need a new shoping buddy!!
  10. 2 of my friends are great shopping wingmen - they are patient and wait for me and give honest opinions... we don't get to go shopping together all the time and have different budgets, but we always text or call each other with the next big sale or recent purchases. They are definitely enablers!

    As long as I only take my BF on a marathon clothes shopping day a few times a year, he is a great wingman - I love helping him shop too! Last weekend we picked out a bunch of shirts and ties for him and it was fun trying to get him to experiment with new color combos and patterns!
  11. I do my shopping alone or with my mom. She is outrageous as a person but she is the best shopper on the planet, and generous. My sis on the other hand is the sweetest girl but a lousy shopper, she gets tired easily, will not say the truth about an item because she is bored etc.
    My hubby is also good to have around, but not for more than 1/2 an hour. I usually tell the SAs to keep any items I like until I come back with hubby and he will sit out side the changing room , I'll do the supersonic catwalk (like super fast changing, walking , turning, posing and back to change), and he will say yes/no.
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    My sister and I are exactly like that too! :yes:
    We have slightly different taste, but we each get these calls from cell phones saying "I'm here in "wherever" and I found "whatever". Want me to get it for you?" Finding something great for her is almost better than finding something great for myself! Sisters are great!!!:yahoo:

    (She has found me half a dozen Hermes Scarves in Thrift shops! Needless to say, she doesn't need to phone me on those!!!)
  13. when I decide on a handbag I always ask my mom.
    but my mom never agrees with me on buying a handbag that is more than $500, so when it comes to bags more than that....err I just buy alone
  14. No but it sounds like I need one.
  15. Wow that's great Hermes Scarves Nice:biggrin: