Do you have a shopping problem???

  1. My friends all tease me about my "shopping problem", which has made me wonder if it really is:confused1: !! I have almost non-existent closet I say that as long as my stuff is fitting inside...obviously I am not buying SOooooo...much! But I do have friends that only shop for themselves once a year. It made me wonder what it would be like to never shop, and have no new styles of clothes, bags, jewlery, etc....and not care:wtf: , as opposed to my frequent shopping, but loving:graucho: my wardrobe. So basically I might have a shopping problem as I cannot imagine option #1. What do you guys think about your own shopping habits???? I don't necessarily mean a financial we all come from different backgrounds...but do you feel :crybaby: if you don't shop for a while??
  2. i think i do have shopping problem too since i was a child, i never walk home from a mall or somewhere else empty handed. when i was little, i always managed to buy at least a pencil or a rubber before i can go home.
    and the habit continues now, if i don't have enough money to buy the clother/bags/shoes i wanted, at least i'll buy a magazine or worst, a pack or two of kettle chips :P
  3. i dont have a shopping problem... i buy what i want and if it turns out that i dont really like it i will return it
  4. I have a shopping problem but not cause I shop constantly.

    My problem is the bargain part. I can't resist a good bargain yet when I buy the item, I treasure it and don't use it. Very bad.
  5. Yep, I have a shopping problem. I've actually put myself on a shopping ban, going on four weeks now.
  6. Haha.. maybe just a little ! But I think I can control it - I mean, life is only good when there's money in the bank, otherwise I just save save save !

    Funnily enough, I've been to school only for a week and my new friends all know me as the brand whore. :graucho:
  7. I definitetly have a shopping problem! Two Tanos and a Balanciaga bag in one week, plus assorted shoes.

    My problem is that whenever I am frustrated with my research, I shop on-line to "clear my mind."

    Lately it has been all shopping and no writing:crybaby:
  8. Sounds like me, Robyn! If things weren't so blippin' slow here, I wouldn't be bored. When I'm bored I do two things: eat and shop. Not wanting to be as big as this building, I've been a shopping FIEND!! My poor credit cards are begging for mercy and I just ignore them.

    I've threatened to start sending my bills to my boss if he doesn't get some work channeled my way soon. Think he'd pay up? :angel:
  9. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!

    I know if I told my advisor that I was going broke shopping when I was supposed to be researching, I would find myself buried in "helpful" suggestions of things that I might be doing instead.

    But NO more purses or shoes for me for a while, there is no rational reason to buy 3 red purses in a week!!
  10. shopping is one of my few true joys....and yes, i realize how silly that sounds. but seriously? is there anything like the feeling when you find that perfect thing that seems meant for you and you alone? :heart::yahoo::heart: my closet isn't that full and i don't keep up on all the trends but damn it's fun! shopping is my cardio. hehe.

    my husband laughs at me all the time b/c i honestly get depressed if i go shopping and don't come home with at least one shopping bag. i've been known to stop at target on the way home and buy a cd, a black tee shirt, some socks and a tube of lipgloss just so i feel like i accomplished something. :rolleyes:
  11. i guess i do too.. but now, my shopping habit has turned mostly into e-bay hunting......... not buying as much from stores or the mall but definitely, buying more and more bags........ i hope to slow down soon......
  12. i have a horrible shopping problem, it is not an exaggeration to say that i shop everyday..and usually will buy something too! i have clothes in my closet that have tags on them, give out bags full of unworn to barely worn clothing to my cousins and mom...its bad. and since i've discovered the joys on online shopping, i can now shop when the stores are closed! ack. now that school is back in, i'm hoping my habits will subside.
  13. I really do have a shopping problem:yes::s. I keep it in check with my credit balance with selling stuff I don´t use :lol:
  14. Nah, I don't think I have a shopping problem :smile: I love to go out to stores and look around, but it's very rare that I actually buy something.

    I think that I just like the feeling of being in a store and looking at all of their things and then strolling along :smile: It's nice!
  15. Nope - I would like to have one though! I'm having to save for a car at the moment so all my $$$ goes towards that. When I go out shopping I'm happy just to look around. Saying that I did have a bit of a spending spree last weekend :P but that was a one off.