do you have a shirley?

  1. If so, what do you put in it? Does it fit a lot? Do you use it with the strap or as a clutch? Should I get it?????? :roflmfao:
  2. It doesn't hold very much and isn't all that practical as a day to day handbag.. but boy does it look hot ! I want one so bad !! :shame::love:
  3. i have one, and i use it with and without the strap. i use it as an evening clutch for formal occasions, and with the strap if it's just for a casual night out. i used it with the strap when i wore a white dress to my boyfriend's Masters graduation

    yes it can hold a decent amount. i could fit money, lip gloss, eyeliner, powder compact, my phone, and keys into it. as long as you arrange them all the right way :yes:!
  4. I love the shirley...It's very feminine!!! Perfect for evening wear. You should get it. ;)
  5. Me too...I like this bag and plan to have it in the future.
    For now I am enjoying my Lexington Fleur as my evening bag.
  6. do you guys have a picture with it worn on the shoulder? I'm trying to decide between white or black but I think white is more appropriate for the summer. Black is more "night out" though no?
  7. there we go. please forgive the mirror; it's a little dusty :rolleyes:

    i've never liked the black Multicolore. it looks too flurescent somehow. the white softens the bright colors, and makes them look so much more elegant. or maybe that's just me.
    shirley 001.jpg shirley 002.jpg shirley 003.jpg
  8. i love the shirley in black.
  9. yeuxhonnetes, I love how you have a picture with most of your bags! I always look at your pictures to see how a new bag would look! Thanks so much! You are truly devoted to
  10. LOVE it!!!:love:
  11. I have one in white... and have used it to death.. usually when i go out at night. But i hate the strap... i took it off first thing.. actually i dont even know where it is anymore...

    yeuxhonnetes: urs looks like a virgin compared to mine.. i think coz i carry mine as a clutch all the time the patina has darkened heaps....
  12. oh.. and i can fit some cash, cards, lipgloss, phone, keys in it.
    Its pretty narrow tho, so it can be a bit hard looking for things...
  13. awww... thanks :shame::love:!!

    i switch my bags around quite a lot, and i've been practicing taking self-shots with my hand completely still, so now whenever i use a bag i take a picture of it first to see how it looks. i have so much free time on my hands right now that i've actually considered posting photos of myself with every single bag i have in my collection thread (or in a separate thread on the LV forum) so that people can see how they would look on a person. yes i am a vainpot :lol:.

    mine's only about a month old, and i've only used it twice, once as a clutch, and once with the strap, so it's still relatively new
  14. looks awesome on you, as always! :smile:
  15. the first time i saw it on uma, i was gasped... and then i thought it wasn't that good. now i love it again!!! :smile:
    it looks great on u yeuxhonnetes ...