Do you have a "seller's mark"?

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  1. I went skiing a few weeks ago and was able to pick up a bunch of those plastic tags they give out to put lift tickets on (you stick through one end and they're on until you cut them off). I thought that would be a good thing to use as a seller's mark (kind of in a Net-A-Porter "if this is cut you cannot return" way) to ensure that I don't get a bait and switch. Should I attach anything to this tag? If so, what are some ideas? Thanks!
  2. I write my store name on a tyvek which I attach to the bag. I also write my mark inside the bag witha UV pen. I stick a note in the package explaining that if the tyvek is removed, the bag is not returnable.
  3. Good ideas! I hadn't thought of the UV pen before!
  4. I do this when I sell really expensive designer bags so they can't do a bait and switch.
  5. Wow - what a great idea. Where do you get something like that?
  6. I do this for everything I sell. You can go to a hardware or party supply store and get some security tags also.
  7. I use these. Once they are on you can't merely untie them, they have to be cut off. They are numbered too so it's easy to keep track of.

    Tug-Tights™ - Uline

    I like the idea of a UV pen. I'm gonna start doing that.:yes:
  8. ^That's a great idea! and there not too expensive for a bit of piece of mind!
  9. I got my tyveks online at staples but they are cheaper on eBay. I wanted to know what they were like before buying them on eBay. I also got my UV pens on eBay.
  10. Great Ideas ladies. I never thought of trying something like that, but then I state No Refunds and have been very lucky with my purse sales.