Do you have a sad overlooked bag needing some attention?

  1. Oh my poor Saleya, after getting a few new pieces my beloved Saleya is sad in the closet and I need to take her out for a spin !!! I love this bag just haven't had my mind on her recently .. anyone else have a bag that needs to be brought out in the world for a bit after picking up some new goodies?

    Lol sad Saleya on the right, top shelf at the back of my closet -- I'll take her out next week :smile:

  2. I change purses everyday.
    Yesterday I used a really ugly purse because I felt sorry that I just left it for LV.
  3. Hehe....yeah, my Pochette Croissant PM! It's 4 years old and I never use her anymore because she's too small to fit all my needs! I'm seriously considering giving her to my sister-in-law...
  4. Let's just say that my pochette accessoires azur will take a loooong time do devellop any patina...
  5. Your saleya does look lonely, you need to take her out for a spin. I also neglect my croissant pochette, I havent taken her out for almost a year I really need to let her see the light of day soon
  6. A majority of my bags look that way right now, LOL.
  7. Mini Mono Marie... I never use her...
    Right now it's at my mom's house... she loves and uses her, so I don't feel that bad...
  8. Yes, I had overlooked depressed me so much that I sold them to loving homes.

    Actually, I have a bucket pouch with chain (so it makes a cute pochette!). It's sitting in its box waiting to be used, but it's much too small and I already have a pochette accessories. And since I don't have my petit bucket anymore...I'm thinking of letting this one go, too. :crybaby:
  9. My Sonatine and Multicolor White Speedy. I need to take both out into the sunshine!!
  10. I need to take my damier geant messenger out.
  11. I would need to be an octopus to give each of my bags enough time!!!

    I have way too many, way, way!!!!
  12. that's what happens when LV makes too many pretty bags!
  13. ^I agree with that remark! :lol: Too many LVs what's a person to do?;)
  14. Lol thats a good one :smile:
  15. My Black MC speedy gets skipped over a bit.
    I'll carry it tomorrow & Friday!