Do you have a RM holy grail?

  1. Taken from the MJ forum that I frequent. So which RM is your HG? :graucho:
  2. Not sure if this qualifies -- I love the Matinee so much I want one in every color!
  3. hmmmm, good question! mine would have to be the new cream/jade Steady!
  4. I only have 1, the matinee and I love it, it's the perfect bag for me.
  5. Hmmm...I don't think there's yet a RM that's so very rare, expensive, or sought-after enough to be a Holy Grail bag. Maybe that $1500 gold mirror MAB! But in terms of the ones I'm lusting after.....No Strings Satchel in rosegold/whitewash, Lex (in any color), and I'm thinking about a Morning After now--just have to figure out which color (probably wine or that new grass green that's coming soon).
  6. Resort 07 Lavender Matinee. My purple whale.

    Mockingleee, Platinum Trunk had a code on their website where I got my rosegold/white No Strings satchel for 30% off. I think it was BAGS08, it may still work.
  7. I love the Matinee in Wine.
  8. Jenny,You and I agree! I have wanted that lavendar matinee from first viewing!! Noone has one that I can see. BUT I WANT THAT BAG!!! MUST GET IT! Rebecca just teases me having it open for her website.:nuts:
  9. The Matinee in Wine!
  10. Oh, you're eeeeeeeeeevil....
  11. I think my grail RM bag would be one that doesn't even exist! A deep dark purple Matinee with dark purple flaps, and silver hardware :drool:
  12. I love virtually everything about the MAB -- the style, size, leather, pockets, (I love satchels) and am smitten with pretty much every color in which it's offered. This bag fits my lifestyle needs so well. It wears well for work, with suits, with business casual, for when I'm dressed down or for evening dinners/theatre/events, etc. I also like that it's not too ornate -- with lots of "bells and whistles", if you will. It's simple styling is beautiful and somewhat timeless to me. It holds a lot but itsn't so large that I'm whacking people with it on a crowded subway.
  13. Yes indeed. If it ever shows up on eBay we'll probably be bidding against each other!
  14. That sounds amazing....I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

    Right now mine is the dark grey matinee with grey suede flaps and silver HW...she eludes me....:girlsigh:
  15. Why yes, I do!


    with thanks to the beautiful Contessa for finding the pic for me :smile:

    Pre-ordered, should ship Feb. 28!:heart: