Do you have a registry on the Coach website? Anyone ever buy you anything from it?

  1. Just wondering since I'm starting one now... I tried looking up my friends on there, but none of them have registered. Has it helped you get a present you wanted in the past?
  2. I remember someone made a topic about this.. she sent it to her mom or mother in law? and she saw that couple of the things on her list said something along the lines of.. items taken/purchased to show that someone had bought it for her.. It does help if you have people to give it to that will buy stuff for you.. and kind of a sneaky way to know if someone has bought a certain item for you. xD

    But kind of ruins the surprise. :sad:
  3. True. I'm not one to check my wishlists often, so a lot of times people buy me things and when they show up at my door, I'm all excited and happy. :p I'm thinking of a way to show my DH my online registry, just in case he needs a hint for Christmas. Heh.
  4. I will answer you this question after Christmas haha :yes:
  5. I have one, but I only did it to keep up with all the stuff l like! I did send it to my MIL and SIL and they laughed at me:lol: They were like "So, I guess you want coach for christmas, huh?"
  6. I have one too just to keep up with what i like so I can buy my own presents later. :p
  7. i dont have one cuz i don't like a lot of the stuff out right now....but i but all my own coach stuff...
  8. I have a registry, but I did it when it was just the wishlist to keep track of what I wanted. I have it checked to find out if anyone buys anything in case I decide to share it w/family, friends, etc
  9. I made one but i havent sent it to anyone but i am now since its the holidays. and if i dont get these items as gifts for xmas i will buy them myself. lol!
  10. I sent it to my stepmom and she bought me everything off my list (because it had the option checked so I could see if anyone bought anything off of it).
  11. You're so lucky! Right now I think I'm just going to use it as a wishlist for myself, and maybe DH.
  12. It was just sunnies, a charm, and a ponytail scarf, but I'm still so thankful that I have an awesome stepmom!

    My DH is so anti-expensive stuff, so I wouldn't dare send him my wishlist!
  13. I love having a wishlist! DH bought me 3 things from my online registry- the skull key fob, a sig stripe gunmetal wristlet, and a C charm.
  14. :yes: Same here. I buy all my own Coach stuff, so I use the registry to keep track of what I want to buy.