Do you have a preference when it comes to hair scarfs?

  1. Do you prefer the oblong ones, or the shorter ones? Or even the skinny ones?
  2. I'm realizing I like the oblong ones more then the smaller ones, I think I may exchange the legacy ones for the oblong one... but its 58!
  3. The ponytail scarves seem to work well on my head. Plus they don't need folded over. I wear them as a headband when I am overdue for a haircut. :smile:
  4. there's a whole set of new hair scarves in the pony hair style! not sure if it's online but i saw it, it's in pink, khaki, black c's...and i think green too.

    i really have to seriously think if i'm going to use the scarf or not (me, personally) when i see a really cute one, like the stripes with the c's in some of the colors that i posted? i love that scarf but i don't think it'll flatter me when i wear it on my head, and short of that, it's not really my style to wear it on my bag or my neck as some girls do, maybe my wrist (but i rarely do that now) or use it as a belt...but it doesn't go with my clothes.

    so yeah.

    if you like it and can use it often, 58 is worth it, think of it like clothing

    but if you can't then don't.

    buyers remorse you know! or it just might end up being a trophy.
  5. LOL I am the opposite, I dont fold them, but I gather it together.
  6. if i wear them on my head, i look ridiculous. i just can't pull it off (so i envy those of you who can!)
    i bought a really gorgeous black one at the outlet that i was hoping i could pull off as a headband...but, no.
    but my striped one is on my black bag for school. i needed some color!
  7. I have both...and I don't fold them either...I gather them when is the oblong...I do occasionally fold the pony scarfs though.
  8. I don't like the square ones, I can never get the hang of using them. :sad:
  9. I like the pony ones. I only have 1 so far.
  10. I don't wear them in my hair, just tie them on my bags.
  11. I've never purchased a coach scarf but I've bought 2 Louis vuittons. I could never figure out how to where them on my head though so I just attach them to my LV handbags. It' looks really cute!:yes:
  12. wear** LOL sorry!!:roflmfao:
  13. I like the oblong the best they look so nice when they flow with your hair.
  14. I prefer the oblong. I can wear it in my hair as a headband or wind it around a ponytail or bun. I can wear it as a belt or under a jacket in place of a blouse, or I can wear it just for accent at the neck with a black jacket. When I double it onto itself and tie it to a bag, it works, too.