Do you have a pic of your just-treated vachetta??

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have a pic of their handles or vachetta that you have treated with spray-guard not that long ago??

    I want to treat the handle of my hudson because the strap is thick and I don't want it to get watermarks or snow, but I'm afraid of how it will darken the handles.

    If you have recently treated yours, could you please post a pic of it??

  2. I've attached pictures of my Eliza and Speedy 30 about 10-15mins after being sprayed with Shining Monkey. The Eliza dried very fast, the speedy handles dried fast, but the leather part on the bag that attaches the handles took another 15 mins to dry. I don't have any pictures from when I used apple guard. But it takes much longer (24-48 hours) to fully dry. Shining monkey takes 10-30mins.
    speedyhandles.jpg strapspray.jpg
  3. So, would you say that the shining monkey darkened the vachetta at all? The pics look great, it doesn't look like it did anything to them. And that is supposed to protect it from water right? Thanks so much!!
  4. Is it ok to spray the canvas as well, or do ypu wipe it off right away?
  5. The shining monkey didn't change the vachetta one bit. I mentioned I used it to my SA and she was shocked that she couldn't even tell it was on there. Some of it did get on the canvas but I just wiped it off with a small cloth, same with the stuff that got on the brass. It didn't leave any shinyness (like AG does) or residue on the canvas. I love this stuff!
  6. :flowers: Thank you multicolordreams.
  7. So where can I buy the SM spray? I think I want to spray all my leather bags/handles. Now what can I use on fabric bags such as the mini-monogram stuff? OH and have you used the SM spray on other bags such as Chanel leather??
  8. I bought mine online at http://www.*************.net/ it took about 4 days to arrive. I'm not sure if you can use it on fabric bags. I'd assume you can as it is a fabric protector. I used it on the fabric in my car and it was fine.
  9. Here is a pic of my Manhattan bag after spraying it with Wilson's Leather spray. It doesnt darken it at all. I just dont have to worry about rain any more. This bag has so much vachetta. I used it on the handles as well as the straps. I bought it at the Wilson's Leather store. Im sure there's a website for it too.

  10. Wow! All of your bags look great after you sprayed them!! I just ordered the Shinning Monkey, it was like 21 bucks after shipping. I hope it works just as well for me too!!
  11. :idea: You're welcome and good luck.