Do you have a PAYPAL debit card?

  1. How has that been for you?

    I just got mine...and wanted to know any cons about it?

    It says 1.00 fee for atm withdrawls..but that also means a few more dollars that the ATM charges too on the side right?

  2. It depends on the ATM machine you use. But typically yes. Washington Mutual doesn't charge anything for withdrawing money from its ATMs even if you're not a customer.
  3. I have a Paypal Debit card.. its great. You can use it as a credit or debit card, when you use it as a credit card, you get 1% back on purchases. They deduct the money straight out of your paypal account for all purchases, just make sure you have the money in your paypal account balance or else your account will be overdrawn. Also, even though you chooose to use it as a credit card, they still take the money from your paypal balance and you get 1% cash back.