Do you have a paved patio / porch? Need ideas!

  1. Heyyyyy Everybody!

    Well...We're in full on spring mode and we're getting ready to change nearly
    everything in our garden. We're getting rid of our small potato field, putting in grass, getting rid of the flower bed and putting a patio on there, removing trees, getting rid of grass and putting down new ones, etc! Lots of stuff.

    Now...I'm not a very creative person and I don't have the ability to think up pretty ideas in a quick second. For those of you who have paved patios, what magazines/books did you use for stone and design ideas?

    I bought some gardening magazines, but they all have these crazy english gardens in them with elaborate waterfalls and big ole lilac bushes...Something that I'd never be able to do or afford. I can plant my own flowers and I have an idea of what I'd like...I just need some ideas for stones and patio layout!

    If any of you can help, I'd be forever grateful :heart:
  2. Since we just moved into out house we are looking into gettting our patio done as well. Have you thought of stamped concete? It looks llike any tile or stone you want and wears well. Be advised though it's not any cheaper! Good Luck!
  3. Go to your local bookstore, like Borders or somewhere and look at books (mags have so many advertisements they are annoying) that show patio ideas. I did that when we did ours and it was very helpful!
  4. I am having my patio changed in May and I did a search of local block pavers and patio professionals. All of the more reliable ones, have their own websites now, so that you can see the quality of the work that they have done. I know I am in the UK, but here are a few piccies of the patio I have chosen, (they even drop little lights into the paving slabs on the edges now so that it looks pretty at night too!)

  5. Those are gorgeous Chloe-babe! Good luck lamiastella with your design. I'll looks for some other ideas for you!!
  6. This is at my parents' house. My mom's got lots of potted plants and pretty patio furniture.

  7. I will recommend what not to do!
    Don't do the "stamping," it can be hard to find someone that does it right. And its very hard to maintain if you are picky.
    I will recommend the pavers. Love the look & they last forever.
  8. I did a very large patio with stone paving, something like pics 1 & 2. They embed it in sand so it is very hard to keep clean, you cannot powerhose or you will loosen the stones & there are problems with grass growing between each. If I had to do it again, not redoing at the minute as i am thinking of moving, I would do something that would be concreted in with no sand gaps more like pics 3 & 4. Pic 5 is lovely if can be concreted!
    Hope that is some help.
  9. We're putting in our own sidewalks/patio, and what we've decided on is an exposed gravel look, with some imbedded pavers in the middle of the patio for a pattern. We haven't completed the patio yet (or I could post a pic), but we have most of the sidewalks done, and it looks really good..all you can see is pea gravel--very natural looking. But we've found that we have to buy a certain concrete mix in order to get this look..wish I could tell you which one we use...
  10. Look into stamped concrete!!!! You can google it and find contractors in your area. I have had regular concrete, pavers, inlaid block and this is by far the absolute best ever!!! We are redoing our kitchen and having concrete counters made. I want to do my kitchen floor in stamped concrete.
  11. What, exactly is stamped concrete?
  12. I know what it is, but don't ask me to explain! Can you do the honors, BrodiesLVMama?
  13. ^^ Thank you!
  14. We have our front done in flagstone and the area around the pool done in stamped concrete. It looks really nice!