Do you have a Paddington in Argent?

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  1. Please tell me about the color. I have never seen it in person. Some pictures make it look like a true metallic silver while others make it look like a shiney beige or taupe color.
    Also, is the Paddington good for every day use? Besides being a little heavy are there any other negatives?
    I am a die hard Chanel fan and I am strongly considering a Paddington for my next bag instead of another Chanel.
    All opinions welcome! Thanks ladies.
  2. My "argent" is the taupe metallic paddy that is on and NAP. :heart: I think there is more than one color that they use for "argent." It seems that there are silver Chloes that are also "argent." You need to be sure of what color you are calling "argent" because Chloe tends to do strange things with color names:confused1: ...the term "argent" I think, means "metallic" in French...:wlae:
  3. I don't have an argent, but I'd say the paddy is good for every day use. Looks better with use. It's not the right shape to carry A4 files etc but you can fit one heck of a lot in it. It's a lovely bag. I don't really notice the weight. A negative I'd say (if you consider it a -ve) is the shape - it's as slouchy as it looks, just made to throw random things into. I really like it!
  4. 07 - argent is taupe metallic while 06 argent is silver metallic
  5. Thank you D & G, I knew one of you would know the difference. I just saw the argent '07, go on in the medium at at a very nice price! :tup: