Do you have a new, unused coach bag that you just can't return?!


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Dec 18, 2009
A few of us had some fun with this topic last night on the "Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack" thread (we got a little off-topic!) I was interested to discover that I am not the only coachie that has purchased an item that I didn't want, not sure that I like, can't figure out when to wear it, but find it absolutely impossible to return or give away!

In my case it is a Kristin op art wristlet 43724. I think that the psychology of this syndrome is very interesting, although I don't understand it and I don't know the cure! Does anyone else suffer from this condition - or have any ideas about treatment? LOL! Here's the link to the thread, please share your insights:


Aug 12, 2009
I have a Large Tan Sabrina sitting in my closet with the tags still on. I haven't decided if I really want to keep her! LOL I bought her once with PCE at Nordstrom! (They were nice and honored it!) I then decided I really didn't need her so I returned her. Then Sabrina craze hit on TPF and I decided I wanted her back!!! I went back to Nordstrom and found her! She was 1/2 off! Now she is in hiding and waiting to come out!!! LOL

Lynne :biggrin:


Feb 7, 2010
Haha...funny katev. I have that same kristin wristlet. I think it's pretty, but have no clue when I will ever carry it. The only time I use wristlets is to organize my bags, but this one isn't as functional or easily accessible as a zip top wristlet. I love it so I won't be returning it, but I do wish I could use it.


Aug 16, 2009
i have a Ocelot hailey new with the paper wrapping and still in the Coach shipping plastic bag. I love it but I think it is too pretty to use; especially with people having problems with the color rubbing off on the handles.

eta: i think i started a thread like this a month ago. lol

i also forgot i have a sequins spotlight too. i like it but i just don't know how to wear it or use it.
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Mar 28, 2010
My inlaid tote still has the tags on it. So does my Jordana. The Jordana has one little bump that sticks out on it that I've noticed from the beginning and now when I try it on it looks too triangular to me. But I love the color - so I don't know what to do!


Kelly B.
Jul 7, 2008
Story of my life...Here goes.

  • Ivory Patent Julianne (got it as a final sale so I couldn't return it even if I wanted to).....Afraid to wear it because of possible color transfer and/or that "yellowing" phenomenon I keep hearing people talk about w/ white patent.
  • (2008 version w/ chainlink handle) Bleecker Patchwork Tote (w/ the purples/burgandy's in it). I always remember I have it ONLY in the summer, and think "well, that's a fall/winter bag, I'll take it out to wear then", then promptly forget about it (going on two years now).
  • XL Whiskey Lily-the HG bag for many.....LOVE LOOKING AT IT, but always afraid it's too much bag for me.
  • Purple Patent Francine- See above
  • Large Teal Sabrina- don't have much blue in my wardbrobe so afraid it won't go with any of my outfits, but LOVE the color!
  • Amethyst Op-Art Sabrina- Was on the hunt for the Amethyst leather Sabrina for the LONGEST TIME, never found it, but this was my compromise purchase since I'm a purple lover....I guess I keep hoping I'll stumble across one some day, so in the meantime my Op-Art is sitting in my closet, waiting since in my convoluted mind, I keep thinking, 'well if I find the leather version, I can't keep both'.
and the list goes on and on....


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Feb 17, 2009
Yes, I have had a few also. But what I've been doing lately is taking one of them out and using it whenever I'm tempted to go to the Coach outlet or store. This satisfies the Coach shopping/outlet urge, and frees me to use an unused bag even though I had reservations previously.

Right now the one I've been puzzling over is my Gold Metallic Cambridge Hobo. I got it at a fantastic price at the outlet and it is stunning in both beauty and craftsmanship. But, it's kinda heavy and large. It seems silly to use it unless I'm going to be carrying a lot of things, but then it will be almost too heavy to carry for any length of time. Unfortunately it doesn't have a long crossbody strap which would have helped. I've been looking on the bay for a wide long gold strap that I can buy to use but so far no luck.

Erika One of my previously unused bags was a Parker Hippie, but I finally took it out and used it and I'm so happy I did. She is really a good comfortable useful bag and I recommend you take yours out and use her.
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Feb 23, 2009
I have quite a few, I'm really bad about this, though a large part of it is I get really excited about a new bag and then I don't want to switch out to another bag so the "old" bags still sit in my closet. I did get inspired by the "forgotten Coach bags" thread and pulled out and used my pink pearl Parker Hippie that I'd never carried before, so that was fun. But then I got my bordeaux Ali and the Hippie went back into her dustbag for a while. When PCE comes I'm getting a new Kristin so the cycle will start yet again :P


Apr 5, 2009
Putty Lindsay
Ginger Sabrina (Large)
Mahogany Garnet (Large)
Navy Tribeca E/W Tote
Plum Maggie (Small)
Peach Kristin Clutch

So that's a good portion of the Coach bags that I've purchased since last year. I've purchased other Coach bags but returned them shortly thereafter because I knew that I didn't really love them.

I love all of these bags but frankly I'm too afraid to use them. They're taking up space in my closet but I can't bear to part with them, especially since they were soooo discounted. However, I know that if I return any of these bags, I'll regret it and will never be able to find a replacement for them, so in my closet they'll stay. I'm sure that I'll use them . . . eventually.

I have one or two others that I can't remember the name of because they were given to me as a gift about 2-3 years ago. I love these bags as well, I just haven't used them yet either.

The worst part is now I'm coveting the Apple Alexandra and Karla's Clutch. I do not need another Coach bag until I clip the tags and use the ones I already have.

At least I haven't been to the Coach outlet, Coach boutique, Macy's or L&T in over a month. That's some progress.
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Jun 13, 2010
I have the black signature poppy glam tote still unused with tags attached, I thought about returning it but I got it at Macys and the 180 days has expired, I am on the fence about keeping it because it looks like a very usable tote, as well as being my first coach bag, but I guess I have just fallen in love more with the leather bags instead-


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Dec 18, 2009
I am on the fence about keeping it because it looks like a very usable tote, as well as being my first coach bag, but I guess I have just fallen in love more with the leather bags instead-

I totally understand this! My first coach was a lovely sig bag but I now prefer leather bags so I hardly ever use her. I did take her out one day last week (inspired by the forgotten bags thread!) and I used her again today but I am not eager to use her often. I'm not sure what to do. I've never tried selling on ebay or bonanzle - and I am not eager to start based on all the problems I've read about. But it's silly to leave valuable items sitting in my closet to be ignored!