Do you have a MJ Holy Grail?

  1. Not sure if this thread already exists - I tried to find one..

    I'm curious, seems like we mention our "holy grail" occasionally in threads - so what's your holy grail?

    Mine's the Quilted Elise in Chalk (I think thats the color), don't know when I will ever get it, but I drool over the pictures that have been posted:drool:
  2. Orchid Blake... I don't know if it even exists, but I know it comes as a Sophia and Venetia.... Gads, I love the hardware and leather from this line.
  3. The Julianne in Pink, Stam in Chalk and Black...
  4. I love, love, love the python Bal Harbor. Next would be the patent quilted Elise and the Chilli Hudson.
  5. I would love a blake in some type of red color :nuts:
  6. Mine would be a bowler in ursula, any color would do!
  7. I wish MJ made stella in a deep burgundy with antique gold hardware...*sigh*

    Right now I am itching to get the sofi in bordeaux from the new fall collection. It looks absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Original Grape Stella.....egads, I need to find this one someday!
  9. I would love to have the STAM in a blue color..
  10. navy mp with shiney gold hardware.
  11. my oatmeal stella. it's heavy, it makes my shoulders ache, but i still wear it every other day.
  12. Any of the Original Stellas, Sofias, and Cammies in colors I don't yet have.
  13. hmm... i want a blake and a zip clutch with nickel hardware, but not sure what colors! i don't have anything specific in mind... i feel like i'll just know it when i see it. :drool:
  14. Cobalt Blue Stam.

  15. Currently it's the Venetia in navy (looks more like cobalt blue).