Do you have a matching wallet for every bag?

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  1. I am just starting my Coach collection & was wondering if you buy a matching wallet for every bag or if you have a couple wallets that you like & just use those. I currently have 6 bags(may return a couple of them) & 2 wallets. The wallets don't really match some of the bags.
  2. Welcome to the forum!

    It's purely a personal choice. I don't really care if they match. I know some like that. I have three wallets that I tend to rotate through, but I mostly stick with my medium black ergo wallet. It just goes with everything.
  3. I know I'm in the minority here, but I just have one wallet. It makes switching in and out of my bags much easier than having to switch wallets too IMHO.
  4. Im tge same. I have a small ocelet mini wallet that holds my id cash and everyday cards. I put my store cards (macys, gap, vs) in my agenda.
  5. When I first got into Coach, I thought I had to have matching wallets, wristlets and mini-skinnies for each and every bag. Now I have 2 wallets and 2 sets of accessories. Each bag I own matches one set or the other. It really simplifies things. I also have pared down my bag collection a LOT. I'm down to less than 10 bags, and still shrinking! :smile:
  6. Hello and Welcome!!!
    I love wallets as much as purses!!! LOL
    I have a lot of wallets but only two that match my Coach Hanbags. I have a Blue Denim C Slim Envelope wallet to match my Denim C Satchel and a small French Frame Whiskey Legacy wallet to go with my Legacy Whiskey Hippie. Otherwise, all my other wallets I buy because I like the color and the style. Besides Coach, I have Lodis and Hobo International wallets too!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. Absolutely not. I have a couple of wallets that I use. I really am not into the whole matching thing.
  8. I get a wallet and use it until it dies basically too lazy to change wallets all the time
  9. I like to buy matching wristlets and use them as my wallets, but that's just my preference
  10. I am not a really matchy person. I have an array of wallets, wristlets, minis..and i use them as i want to.
  11. Welcome TPF! I do not own 1 Coach wallet. I have 3 wristlets and 1 kisslock coin pouch! I have yet to find the One I guess.I'm picky about my bags and I think I'm even more picky about wallets.So who knows if I'll ever get one. If I do, I want a Patent leather black one!!!!At this time I use my wristlets and kisslock pouch for my money, cards, DL, etc.:P
  12. I have one large zip-around wallet (my HG of wallets) and several smaller Coach wallets. I usually use the zip-around if it will fit in the bag I am carrying, and since it is brown Heritage Stripe, it doesn't really clash with much (it may not be matchy-matchy, but brown siggy print kind of goes with most things). I use the smaller wallets with smaller bags, but I do not like them as much and they don't hold nearly as much. I definitely do not subscribe to the idea that a person needs a separate wallet for every bag!
  13. I tried to be matchy at first, and found it wayyyyy too time consuming and expensive. I have found that I prefer to coordinate, not necessarily match. Makes it kinda fun to see different patterns & colors when I peer inside of my bags!:nuts:
  14. I love matching wallets. Just too picky on what matches..Lol
  15. I don't. I only have 1 coach wallet, and a couple of mini skinnies and that's it.