Do you have a "magic number" of bags?

  1. Mine is five. :p I'm not happy with less than that, and if I had any more, I'd feel extravagant. If I sell a bag or two, I *must* replace them or I feel like I'm missing something. 5 is great for me because that's just the right number for rotating new bag styles and colors a few times a week.

    Does anyone else have a magic number, or is it all about racking up as many as you can? :graucho:
  2. I'd say 10-20 would satisfy me... for a while :p
  3. I need about 30
  4. infinity! :yahoo: :drinkup:
  5. I have 7 right now and I just feel like I am *done*.

    Trouble is, I have my eye on a Work but I don't know what I could possibly sell to stay even :sweatdrop:
  6. Hmm... I have three bags I love. I feel like i have enough trouble deciding between three. I hate feeling like I'm ignoring my bags.
  7. I think 5 sounds like a great number:yes:
  8. In Blaenciaga, my rule is 10 max...
  9. I'm exactly the same KD, but my magic number is 4 (recently reduced from 7) because I like to feel like I use all my Bbags
  10. the more the merrier for me!
  11. ^^ oh boy, i think i've got about 25 :tispy:

    p.s. and i don't think i can part with any of 'em
  12. Hmmm... I would say I am shooting for either 5 or 7. I don't know what my magic number is going to be, but both of those sound good... Probably under 10, so I can have a few other brands of bags as well. Unfornuately, I'm having a hard time figuring out which bbag styles to try next...
  13. My magic number is ten. Any more, I start to feel guilty!
  14. I am sooo guilty, I got more than 20 designer bags.

    Ek! I gotta sell some
  15. i have seven now ( 4 bals ) but i wont be happy until i have at least 15 of them ! :yes: and then there will be new and new and new coming that i want....:nuts: