Do you have a LV Messenger Style Bag?

  1. I am looking to purchase a messenger style bag which I can wear when I go travel in the summer time. I like to have a roomy, feminine bag which can be worn across body. I looked at Azur Naviglio, but thought it is a bit too boxy... :sad:

    Does anyone have a LV messenger style bag that you love? What other choices are there? :confused1:

  2. damier geant have some great pochette, check out elux for pirce and lv's site, there are some great choices out there :flowers:
  3. I have an Abesses. I love it. It was my 2nd LV.
  4. i have the pochette bosphere and love it.
  5. oh, the mini lin saumur is a great messenger bag too.
  6. damier pochette melville. :smile: hassle free and shape is unisex not too masculine at all. bf and i share one.
  7. I have a Damier Musette Salsa.... I LOOOOOVE it!! It goes with pretty much all my clothes, is low maintenance, and it has enough room (for me anyway). I can fit my wallet, cellphone, small makeup bag, keys, sunglasses, Chanel compact, and some tissues. :yes:

    Here's a picture (not me in the picture):

  8. Thank you, crazy4bags! I am actually looking at saumur and thought it is very cute. Not sure how easy it is to access the two compartments... I will take a look at it at the boutique next week. Pochette bosphere seems to be very functional as well. Does it hold a full-size wallet like epi tresor, plus cell phone, passport, etc.?
  9. Damier musette salsa looks great! I love damier and have a mono musette tango. I will denitely check out damier musette salsa too. Thank you.
  10. the mini lin saumur is easy to access. i got it in France last November and used it right away. even my husband thought it is a nice bag. i am thinking of getting it in the dune. did you know you can loop the strap around to make it shorter and turn it into a shoulder bag? i love it.
  11. Yes, my SA told me about it too. It is also very light weight as I tried it on two weeks ago in the boutique. At that time, I was looking to buy azur saleya and speedy so I didn't pay too much attention to saumur. I did add it to my wish list afterwards. :yes: I need to go back to take a look at it again. I am thinking of dune also. Do you know if mini lin is easy to take care. Thanks again!