Do you have a lot of the same bags as someone you know personally?

  1. So, I'm really loving the designer bags and am wanting to buy several different ones... problem is, someone I know already has these (particular) bags-- my boyfriend's sister. We're not friends or anything (meaning we don't hang out or chat on the phone, but that's all), and I've been in the picture for years now.

    Anyway, in 3 separate designers, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, I want the same bags she has... one of them I wanted before her, while the other two I wanted from seeing her with them. I only own one of the bags she has.

    I just feel weird and uncomfortable, and it's not that I'm copying her-- we just have the same taste! But I love the bags she has... and I do admit to loving two after seeing them on her arm.

    Yes I'm absolutely still getting the ones I want and I'll figure something out for if I use one around her, but for the rest of you-- anyone else have a lot of the same bags as a friend, or someone you know? Or WANT them so badly, like me?

    I feel weird and embarrassed, and yeah I do almost want to look for different ones in these designers, but they are such amazing bags and are remaining my favorites, so that may not happen!

    I know this question is kind of random, but I loooove this forum-- you all make it so much fun; I think really interesting conversations regarding the said topics stem from the posts on the forum so even though this isn't an urgent post, I still wanted to ask!
  2. Not yet. A lot of the people I know balk at the price so they won't get it. But if they can, I don't care and vice versa.
  3. hi adore i have the same problem! but look what i did i bought the bag that my freind has but i told her it was a gift!!!!
    if you bought the bags she will think that you are coping her and even your boyfriend will notice that! if you think that you both have the same taste why don't try to talk to her and be friends then you can have the same bags!!!
    anyway if you want my advice forget those bags and try to get bags from the new collections and see the bags what looks good on you not on others.
  4. I think its fine that you get them...and I think that unless you dont like will be a great conversation starter....

    Although..for me.....all my friends and family does not like the particular bags that I have style wise but we do copy eachother in terms of brands...I got into Prada after I saw one of my family members carry them and after seeing its quality...loved it and got a few myself.

    There is nothing wrong with it, but maybe you should find out if she minds...b/c you will be around her alot...and if it was me I would worry about how she felt about it...:smile:
  5. that's nice of you to be considerate of her feelings. i'm sure the next time you see her you could say something to her about her amazing taste in handbags and feel her out that way :smile:

    since you aren't together a lot, i don't think it's a big deal to have the same bags. don't get something you don't like as much just because she has the bag you really want, though, because you're the one carrying it and paying for it!
  6. no one around me is as extreme as me in splashing cash on designer bags so i dun have ur problem.

    but i wont care anyway u have ur right to get what u fancy and so what if u have the same bags. dun stop urself enjoying the bags u love.
  7. No one I know carries anything "designer". I carry both name brand and no-name brands. My fiance works at Hot Topic and I buy a lot of cute bags from there. His manager is one of my best friends and she too buys a lot of bags from there have been many, many, many times that we walk in and are carrying the same purse.

    I think she was starting to get pissed about it, but it hasn't happened in the last few months since I've been carring nothing mostly but Coach bags. :idea:
  8. Well I've been on the other end where someone has gotten the same bag as me and its frankly a little annoying. But maybe its a little different since you're her boyfriend's sister. If my sister got the same bag I'd think it was cute. Anyways there are lots of bags out there, you can get one like her and then find your own styles.
  9. no I don't..... their passion is not so much into bags as it is with clothes...
  10. It normally wouldn't bother me, but I was a little annoyed when I had a really unique bag that took a long time to find and my friend wanted to copy it. I guess I felt it was a sort of fashion statement and she was ripping me off lol. But seriously bothered by that? No, it just niggled me a bit.

    But if it was a common bag like a Speedy (which I know you've been looking for ;)), I don't see how a friend could get annoyed as it is so popular and it's seen on so many people.
  11. I agree with the poster that said to talk with her about your common taste. It wouldn't bother me personally....but you could try making jokes about it, me and my girlfriend have a long running joke between us whenever we buy a bag, mention a certain bag, and we usually laugh it off if we both show up some where with the same bag.

    You could always find a way to ask her if it bothers her or if it would bother her if you both were to show up some where with the same bag. And then depending on what she says you could alter your shopping pattern/shopping desires or if it's a big event, contact her before to see which bag she will be brining. ;)