Do you have a limit for a bag?

  1. Do you LV fans have a limit for a bag, wallet, accessories?

    I just wonder that anyone like me?

    My bag price is always not exceed 600 pounds. Some are more than 600 but mostly not over 600. I'm still a student and doesn't have my own money yet so I think 600 is already too much!

    Wallet is not over 300 pounds. I ever want a wallet loads but it is at 390 pounds so I have to say good-bye :push:

    Accessories earrings, hairclip is not over 200 pounds. Some of my cuffs are over 200 but most are not.

    If it is over, I would think again and again and again and again.......
  2. I have yet to venture past the $1100 mark. My comfort zone is now $1395 and under as the next bag I REALLY want is $1395 (sorry it's not LV but just bought some LV....) I try not to let price drive my taste in bags but I don't have an ever disposable income for them so I have no choice but to take it into account......
  3. I will not go past £500 = approx $1000 for anything from the LV store
    On eBay I will not go past £330 = $660
  4. ummm....right now it's 2200$CAD... but I'm planning/hoping to splurge on something during the summertime... so that's gonna make it 3000$CAD lol....
  5. I can't say. Most times its $3500 or so., but it has to be a special bag. Ordinarily - around $1500 to $2000. Right now I'm holding back (self ban) because I wanna take a little trip back South to see my relative and friends. Ha Ha - Then again - I should make them come see me instead and go EXTREME Saturday at the Rodeo Drive meet! :devil:
  6. I think my limit is around $1000-1200 for the moment.
  7. The most i've spent was on my Theda GM and i didnt have buyers remorse back then, i still love it...i'd say $2500 is my limit for now!
  8. I think my limit increases everytime I see a bag I like LOL! :nuts: I remember my limit for handbags at the start of last year was $1000... then somehow it increased to $1500, and now it's $2000! But I reserve the $2000 pricetag for REALLY special handbags.

    I haven't gone over $400 for wallets yet, but I can see that day coming soon! :graucho:
  9. I'd have to say, $1,000.00 USD at the moment.

    I just can't justify spending more, I'd rather put that money away for retirement!!!!
  10. I haven't gone over $1000... yet.
  11. My limit is $1,400, unfortunately. I'd love to be able to afford something from the Suhali line.
  12. Suhali ----- It's great and so classy but :sweatdrop: I will never get it as too expensive :shame: ! I hope I will won a lotto Roll-over :nuts:
  13. $1,000 (before tax!)
  14. When I was a student, my limit is 200.. hehe... can not really afford anything fancy... :whistle:
    Now that I work.. it is around 1000... but I did go over it once with the Chanel bag at 1500... :p
  15. I hope you do too! Think of all the shopping you could do!:yes: