Do You Have A Letter Charm?

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  1. from past or present, post pics of your charms!
  2. No letters for me, I haven't liked the colors. I do have last years star, the moon, pig and Taurus from this year though.
  3. As soon as I get new batteries for my camera, I'm going to post them. I have about 5.
  4. Nope, but i really want an L one. I may look into it after Christmas (As long as i am not broke).
  5. I have one, but haven't used it yet. What color charm looks good with the whiskey? My initial charm is blue and I am not to crazy about how they look together.
  6. i haven't bought a letter because last year's green was ugly, and this year's pink/red/whatever is not a great combo! all I have is the star charm.
  7. I don't have a letter charm either...I want it in pink, blue, or purple in metallic & patent leather. They probably won't have what I want anytime soon. But, I do have a clover charm I love w/ that combination leathers.
  8. no but i want one for christmas weeeeeee
  10. I have a purple "J" - which I love and I love purple!!
  11. I have my initial, I put it on my Balenciaga City:

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  12. These are my charms. I use my 'T' charm as a keychain.

    The second picture is the star charm and the Scorpio charm. Love them all! :nuts:

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  13. I have an L and a D ... will have to post pics tomorrow, I'm sooo tired!
  14. No letters. I've hated the colors for M. Fingers crossed for next years color to be purple.
  15. my mom has the question mark!